The Philanthropic Journey of George Soros

The famous multi-billionaire, George Soros was born in 1930 and happens to be one of the word’s famous donors. He possesses vast knowledge in the business and the investment industries and has attracted global attention due to his business prowess. He happens to be the worlds leading donors and has channeled his donations to world’s largest NGO’s and great politicians. He used to earn more than $1 billion daily by working and trading with the British Pound. He has been on the frontline funding various global non-governmental organizations like Center for American Progress, ACLU Foundation, League of Conservation Voters, Tides Foundation Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and also the famous Hillary Clinton who is a former American Presidential aspirant. He has donated over $10 million dollars as grants in her campaigns. To date, Soros has donated over $18 billion to open societies by October 2017 and is still counting.

George Soros was born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary and was given the name George Schwartz whose parents were Tivadar and also her mother was called Elizabeth. Both his parents were Jews and the father happened to be a lawyer. He was once prisoned before and during the world war 1. He saved himself by running away from Russia and returning to his family that lived in Budapest. His father decided to change the name of George while they were still young. They were given the name Soros which in the Hungarian language meant Successor. He is a great master trader with a lot of experience in the field and has worked tirelessly towards ensuring that be becomes a leading trader and learn more about George Soros.

The young George Soros was so happy with the name because in other terms the name meant that he will succeed. The family used to live peacefully until when the young Soros was only 13 years. That is the time Nazi Germany decided to occupy Hungary in the year 1944. Things changed and the life of every Hungarian was in danger. Jewish children were denied the right from attending schools by the cruel Nazis and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. Their father as a lawyer decided to acquire fake documents that disclosed their identity as Christians. They survived the siege of Budapest in the year 1945 which was very harsh and was a house to house operation. Their four family members survived the attack but over 500,000 people were killed by then. This was a great lesson for Soros family. He could witness everything and that is how he realized what instability can cause. He grew with the desire of helping the less fortunate in the society and more information click here.

In the year 1947, Soros immigrated to England whereby he enrolled for a bachelors degree in Philosophy at the London School of Economics. He was very optimistic and worked tirelessly for his way up the ladder. He graduated and later went back to pursue a masters degree in Philosophy. During his days at the School, He used to work as a railway porter and also a restaurant waiter so that he could support his education and Follow him

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