Ted Bauman On Better Ways To Store Your Assets

Anyone who has assets knows it is very important to protect them. There are also plenty of options to do so and are at your disposal. One man is an financial expert specializes in teaching people how to keep their assets safe from natural disasters. If you don’t know where to start or store your assets Ted Bauman has some great recommendations.

You can store your assets in a number of places other than a bank including foreign countries. This provides unique possibilities that a standard bank cannot provide. The first option is to put your assets in a independent vault. This may sound interesting, but in fact vaults certainly have their advantages. One of them is that they have extra security and are not associated with any financial institutions. This makes it so courts and government agencies do not regulate independent vaults so they don’t have to surrender the contents of the vault. If you put your assets into a foreign vault is has even more advantages. They are not subject to IRS requirements or government regulations for that matter says Ted Bauman.

The next option is to put your assets into safe-deposit box at your bank or at a foreign bank. Now storing your assets at a safe-deposit box is surely better than keeping them at home where you are vulnerable to being robbed, or natural disasters for that matter. If you put your assets in a foreign safe-deposit box then they have more benefits then in the United States. First, they are not subject to foreign court orders or the government taking the contents of your box.

Ted Bauman does not recommend keeping your assets at home for a number of reasons. First off, you are at odds with any natural disasters like flooding, fire, and what ever else may happen. You are also at risk for your assets to be stolen. This can result in a particularly bad ending if you store all your assets together. You can lose it all, which would be quite horrible. Ted Bauman recommends to get a good lockbox or home safe if you are absolutely dead set on keeping your assets at home.

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