Real Time Translation

Google has once again dominated the market by providing the first point-and-translate app to the public. In the past, users were required to take a picture of the font in question and wait for the algorithm to process and translate the information. Google has taken it a step further with their app by allowing full ‘real time’ translation before your very eyes. Vimeo’s Darius Fisher is fascinated by this new technology.

To paint a picture for you, imagine you’re in a beautiful foreign country and you’re trying to catch a bus. You look around at the street signs and notice that you may as well be looking at hieroglyphics. Now imagine taking out your smart phone, pulling up the Google Translate app and watching the font instantaneously and fluidly convert to your native language. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

The best thing about this app is that it’s free for anyone with a smart phone to download. Not only is this device handy but it also allows easier communication between people. Never again will you feel intimidated when you take your family to that exotic restaurant downtown!

This app uses the “Word Lens” framework in which to translate your text. The software relies on the video mode from your camera to scan your environment and translate all text back to the user in English.

Google took it a step further by incorporating voice recognition technology for individuals to have a conversation despite language barriers.

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