Matt Badiali knows finance and geology

Before deciding to invest in any field, entrepreneurs should understand that some investment opportunities are more rewarding than others. Most investors seem to invest without having sound knowledge, and that is why most of them end up failing and not achieving what they want with their investment. According to one of the most experienced geologist in the world, Matt Badiali, investing in natural resources is rewarding if you have the right knowledge and can predict the trends in the market. Many people are willing to invest in the industry, but they have not found the right source of knowledge. That is why it is essential to consult experienced investors like Matt Badiali before deciding to invest in the industry. They will guide on how you can invest successfully in an industry where getting information is limited to experts.

But the best part is that some investors are generous and are even willing to share the knowledge they have worked hard over the years to acquire. Matt Badiali is recognized for his dedication to ensuring investors get the right knowledge when it comes to investing in natural resources. He is renowned for his generosity because he dedicates his time to ensure others gain the knowledge they need most to make the right decisions when investing. Matt has spent many years in the industry, and he has acquired knowledge on behalf of other entrepreneurs. Apart from being experienced and investing successfully, Matt Badiali is a geologist who has been trained in the right institutions. He is passionate about his work, and that is why he is always ready to help others. While growing up, Matt saw his father struggle to make the right investment decision, and that is why he dedicates his time to help others because he believes in helping others to succeed.

After the university education, Matt was ready to start his career and worked hard to become the mining expert he is today. He has also ventured into the financial sector and help those who are struggling. Many love his investment advice and have been following him because they trust his ideas.


The Dominance of OSI Group

The foodservice industry is a one-in-a-million industry, and without these vital services, the world would literally shutdown. One of the largest food providers in the world is OSI Group. This exclusive food provider has been around since the start of the 20th century. Yes, this means that OSI has 100 years of experience. This company supplies food products to hundreds of organizations around the world. This includes the organizations of restaurants, schools, grocery stores and retailors. On top of that, OSI provides the services of development, processing, management and distribution. Every aspect of the logistical process is being thoroughly handled to the highest degree.

In 2016, OSI Group went on an acquisition blitz. The Aurora-based food supplier has acquired stake in a number of foodservice businesses, including BAHO Food, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods. By doing so, OSI has been able to level the competitive field. Millions of dollars have gone into these acquisitions, but hundreds of millions could be the potential return of investment. Business moves like this has caused the company to grow at an alarming rate. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin has done a phenomenal job at the leadership position. McDonald is the president of the company, and Lavin is the chief executive officer. These two business gurus have given OSI Group decades and decades worth of experience. Lavin is the founder of a successful financial consulting firm, and he has a B.A. in Business. McDonald has worked his way up the foodservice ladder, and he has been the chief operating officer for numerous private companies in the US. To know more about the company click here.

On top of this excellence, OSI Group is a top-tier custom-foods producer. The company can literally personify a client’s ideas and food concepts. These few attributes only touch the surface of what OSI has achieved, and there are many proficient things that are in store in the years to come.


Dick DeVos helps to reshape the face of education in America

Dick DeVos has become nationally known as a Republican politician. This is partially due to his unsuccessful run in 2006 against governor Jennifer Granholm, in which he only narrowly lost to the widely popular incumbent while self-financing his entire campaign. His perception in the public mind as a politician is also due to the fact that his wife, Betsy DeVos, has been a leading figure in the Michigan Republican Party for more than 30 years. She currently serves as the U.S. Secretary of Education.


But the truth is that Dick DeVos has spent only an extremely small portion of his entire career on political matters. Around his home state of Michigan, he is known for his many other contributions throughout the worlds of business, philanthropy and education. It has been in this last sector where DeVos has received the least attention. It is also where he has, perhaps, made the largest contributions to the country as a whole.


DeVos first became interested in education while still in his 20s. He was working with a number of local charity groups in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This afforded him the opportunity to tour a number of inner-city schools. DeVos was shocked by the disparities that he saw between these public schools and the ones that he had attended. He saw classrooms that didn’t have heat in the middle of the harsh Michigan winters. He witnessed teachers who were unable to control unruly behavior in their classrooms, leading to an impossible learning environment.


DeVos knew that those disadvantaged kids who were forced to attend such dismal schools were being badly shortchanged. He set out to design a solution that would allow America’s inner-city youth, especially those who showed promise, to transcend the terrible limitations that were imposed upon them by the ravages of crime, poor schools and terrible role models.


One of his efforts to this end has been the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This aviation-themed high school recruits the majority of its students from severely deprived backgrounds. And even though these students come from some of the worst-performing schools in the state, when they get to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, they have proven that they are capable of scholastically performing on par with some of the most privileged districts in the country.


With this project, Dick DeVos has shown that the so-called achievement gap is not only able to be closed, but it is able to be slammed shut.


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Waiakea: Volcanic Water from Hawaii

Waiakea was Hawaii’s first premium volcanic water supplier. Founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons when he figured out the water that he was drinking during the summers and winters in Hawaii was unique and special. Waiakea water comes from a source southwest of the town of Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii.

This precious water is filtered through the Mauna Loa volcano, which gives it a rich mineral composition and an alkaline pH. It contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Each bottle contains 30mg of silica, which gives the water a soft and silky feel. Being naturally alkaline the pH is between 7.8 and 8.8.

Waiakea Water uses sustainable packaging for its waters. The company is one of the first premium beverages in the world that is certified Carbon Neutral. It means that there is little to no release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during production, planting trees can offset carbon dioxide emissions. The packaging material used is made out of 100% recycled polyurethane terephthalate. It takes 85% less energy to make bottles out of these materials compared to making bottles out of new plastic. Also, not as much carbon emissions are produced and the bottles are BPA free.

The unique water that Waiakea supplies is responsibly sourced from an aquifer that has a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate. The bottling facility is ran on 33% renewable energy.

Since the inception of Waiakea Water the founder, Ryan Emmons, always wanted to add a social aspect to the company to address the problem of people not getting enough clean drinking water.

Waiakea partnered with a charity called Pump Aid to try and help out communities with this problem. Together they have donated 650 liters of clean water to communities in need. Access to clean, safe water is available to over 1.3 million people in rural Africa. 3200 elephant pumps help to do this. Thanks to their achievements more than 500 million liters of clean water has been donated to date.

How Southridge Capital’s Expertise is Transforming the Financial Industry

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that offers structured financing for public and private companies. Their services include securities brokerage and investment banking for their clients who require a whole variety of solutions for their financial needs. Based in Connecticut, the company has recently done some restructuring to better deliver to clients. Southridge Capital has the advantage of being in the business for quite a while and as such has improved immensely on their knowledge.


Since 1996, Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8billion in growing firms including over 250 public companies. The company understands the various challenges involved in building a company and as such provide extra services to ensure client success. They get involved from the start by assisting the company to become public, options for financing the business and comprehensive balance sheet management. Balancing debt and equity is very important for the survival of any company hence good advice would hugely help startups.


Most firms that are growing are not ordinarily aware of all the financing options available for them. Southridge has a solution to this problem by increasing the creditworthiness of a firm, securitization, and financing solutions. A capital structure is created based on the liquidity levels of a company. Some of the answers they have is monetizing of assets through loans, collaborating directly with creditors to improve creditworthiness of clients, convertible debentures and allowing clients to raise capital regardless of the market conditions. The company also offers to assist with legal advice during mergers & acquisitions, coming out of bankruptcy and litigation. For more details visit LinkedIn.


To be able to achieve all that success it has taken the leadership of Stephen Hicks, Founder, and CEO of Southridge Capital. With an MBA from Fordham University in New York City, he has a vast experience in the investment industry spanning over 30 years. His responsibilities include the development of business and execution of the same. He has a passion for helping improve on the many firms that Southridge manages. Due to his philanthropy, he started the Daystar Foundation that collaborates with Southridge Capital to provide financial support to various charities around the world. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Why Whitney Wolfe Established Bumble

Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989 and is a famous American based entrepreneur. She has a vast range of experience in the technology industry. Being the founder of Bumble makes her a very influential person in the industry. She has managed to become a very instrumental figure towards changing the way dating apps operate.

Bumble being one of them is gaining popularity each day because of the manner in which it has been able to create a user-friendly platform. It has been able to bring into considerations matters that defend the rights of women. Also, the company has one of the most interesting and user-friendly verticals known as Bumble BFF. It has helped members to get an opportunity to search friends with ease. Today, the company is worth over $ billion. This alone makes it one of the best and the fastest growing company. Visit her article at to know more.

Whitney Wolfe has been recognized by Elles, Forbes, and Business Insider as top 30 under 30 most successful women in the industry. She is also known for her great innovation and also dedication. A passion-driven woman who has stood against all the odds towards career progress. She has been hailed because of her excellent commitment.

Whitney Wolfe also served as a co-founder of Tinder. Everything came as a surprise to her when she could no longer work there. She faced sexual harassment from one of her co-partners. She sued him and was later compensated $1 million as shares. She was the person behind the marketing of the app when it was new and managed to introduce it to more than five million members. She also helped in choosing the most selling name, Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe did not give up despite challenges. In fact, the situation made her even stronger. She was able to win big in her career after she started doing things alone. People knew her as a very humble woman since her campus days. She is a qualified International marketing executive with a degree from the Southern Methodist University. She also happens to be the great brain behind marvelous achievements. She also happens to be from a very humble background. Read more:


Nick Vertucci Impact in Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is recognized as the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci’s Company that is based in Irvine California. He is a prominent real estate investor. He has made himself a great name in the real estate industry. Real estate is one of the trickiest and sophisticated businesses in such a way that many investors fear to risk in it. This is mainly because it is linked with many eventualities that result in incredible fluctuations in the market.


Nick Vertucci led a tough and challenging life before his success in the real estate industry. He was once serving as a police officer where he used to enforce law and orders. However, this career was poorly rewarding and was not enough to help him attain his dreams and goals. His ultimate goal was to acquire financial freedom. Nick had also operated a private business where he specialized in selling computer accessories. This business boomed, and he managed to raise his first million. Unfortunately, the company crashed and left him with massive debts.


Later in life, Nick Vertucci ventured into the estate business attained incredible success. He managed to establish a private real estate firm. In his endeavors as a real estate investor, Nick achieved tremendous exposure and experience in real estate business. This led him towards establishing a real estate school to enlighten people on how to be successful in the real estate business. He founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). His primary goal was to equip the prospective real estate entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and information that are significant in real estate investment. Nick Vertucci played a critical role towards the development of professionally managed ‘Turn-Key’ investment system that helped the investors in the buying, rehabbing and leasing out o bank owned premises and assets.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: In Pursuit of Greatness

Plastic surgery in the 21st century is big business. These advanced cosmetic procedures can be used to enhance physical beauty, or the advanced procedures can be used to treat people who have experienced some form of accident. The United States is home to thousands of plastic surgeons, but one of the top figures is located in the city of Dallas, Texas. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is the man of the hour, and he specializes in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. The procedures included are:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • And other non-invasive procedures

Dr. Jejurkar works exclusively at the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, but he also provides services at Pine Creek Medical Center and at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. This board-certified plastic surgeon started his career over 20 years ago, and he has climbed the ranks thanks to doing such great work. Dr. Jejurikar earned his medical doctorate from the University of Michigan, which is a top 25 medical school in the US. He has definitely mastered the art of cosmetic surgery. Many of his former patients state that he is very caring and compassionate.

Safety is a key component in any industry, and cosmetic surgery is no different. This extraordinary doctor is a member of the Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This particular organization uses advisories to urge plastic surgeons to reevaluate their techniques. The organization also gives constructive techniques for plastic surgeons to follow. Dr. Jejurikar is also a speaker, and he has spoken at numerous international meetings about the awareness of gluteal fat grafting techniques. All in all, this short article can’t do Dr. Sameer Jejurikar any justice, but you should have a much perception of how important he truly is.

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Guilherme Paulus Voted Entrepreneur Of The Year

Guilherme Paulus is a very successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of a tour operation in Brazil. Today, CVC is one of the largest tour operations in Brazil. Many people in the media and business industry have taken note of his success and Guilherme Paulus was voted Entrepreneur Of The Year for his amazing success. This is one entrepreneur that believed in the Brazilian economy and decided to invest millions to show his support of the economy. For example, in the last few years Guilherme Paulus invested nearly 600 million in hotels that employ thousands of workers.

Guilherme Paulus Road To Success

Certainly, there are many that would like to know more about his background and his road to success. How did he achieve such success in the current economy? He has quite a resume. Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the board at CVC, a Latin American travel agency. He is also the president of the GJP Hotel Network, which is considered one of the major hotel groups in Brazil. Surprisingly, his first job was working as an IBM trainee. He states that working with computers was a major influence over his current career and success. He learned a lot about business. However, his ultimate goal was to join the tourism industry. He had big plans to make the tourism industry more fun and exciting in the country. Certainly, he accomplished that goal. Check this article at to learn more.

Starting His Own Company

Guilherme Paulus relates that his ultimate goal was to always get his foot in the door of the tourism and travel industry. Working with computers did not fit his ultimate goals. Starting CVC was a dream come true for him. However, every business faces some sort of crisis. He faced a crisis and almost felt like giving up. An opportunity was just around the corner that placed the company back on track and he was on the road to success once again. Paulus relates that his secret to success is to always look for the next opportunity that might be just around the corner and to find a way to stay relevant to your customers.

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Organo Gold Coffee To Beautify Your Face

Organo Gold is a coffee made with Arabica beans and Reisha Mushroom powder. It is used to help your skin as a cosmetic supplement. It helps with scarring, acne, and other imperfections such as damage from the sun. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold. It helps the skin maintain moisture and provides a soft appearance. Made from the Reisha mushroom and turned into powder. Consumed as coffee or tea it provides the same skin enhancements. It is sold by Direct Marketing Sales such as Mary Kay and Amway. In recent news the company has suffered some controversy from the DSA and asked them to remove their name from the DSA. The company says they have applied for several DSA’s.


Aiding in better liver function as well as aiding in other health systems. In coffee form it comes in several types and so does the body management products. Shopping is easy as you can find it at several online retailers. Prices vary depending on location and online supplier. However, the Independent Distribution practice is still how it is being sold. It started in 2008 and has been successful in the venue but has also been subject to the controversial aspect of the sales platform. It is being distributed in several countries at the present time and is currently in the DOW and NASDAQ stock exchange readings. Visit to know more.