Neuroscience Better make way for Jorge Moll

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” this is a quote that happens to be one of Jorge Moll’s favorites. He has spent most of his life trying to chase after the career he has always dreamed of and today has been able to achieve it. Moll is known for being the Founder and the Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education.

He has stated through the years that the key to achieving success comes from being open, skillful and also transparent. Moll makes sure that he takes each of these skills and uses them in his career each day. One thing he has stated that he wishes he would have done when he was younger is not holding onto ideas or plans for longer than necessary. Moll says when you come up with good ideas that it is better to either go with them or that you should move on to the next idea as quickly as you possibly can.

When it comes to Jorge Moll’s typical days, they are filled with any other businessman, with tons of meetings filled with a variety of different subjects concerning the institution. One thing Moll says that he likes the most about the meeting is the variety of ideas that are all reaching together and being implemented into one bigger idea. When it comes to having so many great ideas shared he says that the hardest part can be having to decide which ideas are not going to be used.

When it comes to Jorge Moll he has always been set on making sure that he attains his career goals. The thing that he says has kept him going the most is the thought that his passionate beliefs can help to impact other people’s lives and industries, by just simply doing interesting things we love doing. Another thing that he has tried to teach others is that it is ok to experience failure as long as you learn from it and get back up and keep trying. Failure is a part of learning, he states, if you never fail then you never truly learn.



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