Krishen Iyer Interview

Kristen Iyer is the founder and owner of the insurance marketing company, Managed Benefits Service, based in Fresno, California. California also happens to be the place of his birth and where the man grew up as well. Krishen Iyer studied at San Diego University where he earned a degree in Public Administration. After college, Iyer began his forays into the field of insurance, founding NMP Insurance, or Name My Premium. Under Iyer’s leadership, the company saw massive growth, being included in the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

After leaving NMP Insurance, Krishen Iyer became the CEO and founder of MBS, or Managed Benefit Services. The company was originally called Quick Link Marketing, With the goals of the company being to help clients and businesses generate business leads. MBS is a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm. Krishen Ayer designed the company to work in an analytical process to generate the leads for clients. The best chances are then filtered out for the company, and suddenly the company or client in question has their pick of the litter. WHere this method really shines is for companies targeting very niche markets. Kristen Iyer’s MBS will allow a company to find and hopefully sell their product or services to that niche market, no matter how hard they are to find.

These facts alone prove Krishen Iyer is a creative and unique individual, able to found a successful company almost directly out of college with very little experience in the field. He has also led another successful company on its way and has helped many other companies reach success through MBS. Iyer will continue to surprise the populace with some of his more lucrative ideas and will continue to indirectly help companies everywhere find the buyers necessary to continue the running of their businesses.

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