Kodak’s Recent Business Exploits Is Even More Reason To Avoid Them Says Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale Capital is one of the top investment companies out there today thanks to the efforts of Sahm Adrangi and his invaluable insight. On top of the services provided by Kerrisdale, Sahm’s company also issues regular reports on various companies in the market that investors should keep an eye on, whether it’s good or bad. Sahm has many accomplishments in the investment industry these days, which is why many investors seek out his advice and follow his personal investments. Sahm managed to start up Kerrisdale with less than a million dollars in assets for investing and today it has become a multi-million dollar corporation with capital in the hundreds of millions.

One of the latest reports released at Kerrisdale Capital went over the recent exploits of Kodak, a former photography company that was a leader in their particular market. Unfortunately, over the years Kodak continued to neglect their responsibilities to update their products and services. Perhaps even more important than that is Kodak has failed to improve their business methods or properly manage the company. Many investors are aware of Kodak’s recent stock price increase, but they are unaware of why this increase happened. According to Sahm Adrangi, Kodak signed up with a cryptocurrency group, and within a matter of days the company’s shares dramatically rose in value. While this might seem like an opportunity, Sahm Adrangi has stated that it is a weak attempt at regaining some lost profits by taking advantage of people and their interest in crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency is appealing and there is much that can be done with it in the future, but in its current stage, crypto is still quite unstable and often leads to uncertain results. Sahm Adrangi also notes that the companies that Kodak has gone into business with have shady backgrounds, which is never a good sign when dealing with a company, never mind investing in it. To put it bluntly, Sahm has issued a warning to all investors to stay clear of this company for now, as they are in the same boat they were in several years ago when the company started failing.


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