Kamil Idris – Visionary with a Passion for Africa

Kamil Idris is a man you listen to when he talks about the future and changing economic trends. His wealth of knowledge in the field has given him a keen foresight. It is with this foresight that Kamil Idris expects a growth in Africa that would soon have the continent knock on the doors of major superpowers for a seat at the table.

Idris notes how Africa is primed for growth thanks to an abundance of natural resources and being the second most populous continent in the world behind Asia. He does, however, base his foresight on the current status of the economies of African nations to make this claim. His reasoning, research and talking points are grounded on facts, making his claim carry weight. The fact that it comes from a statesman of Kamil Idris’s stature alone makes it a claim you that’s not only undeniable, but worth paying attention to.

Kamil Idris was responsible for the growth of World Intellectual Property Day growing from an event celebrated by its founding organization to one that is being observed and celebrated by organizations around the world. Idris’s leadership of the organization for nearly a decade has been responsible for organization becoming a voice for the inventors and artists who work hard to provide the world with entertainment and technology that help solve the world’s crucial problems.


Kamil Idris was born on August 26, 1954 in Sudan. Among his many accolades, the most notable one will be his term as the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a term of eleven years. Idris has always cared deeply for the nation of Sudan and the African continent as a whole. An author of many books, Kamil Idris holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics Theories, a master’s degree for International Law and International Affairs as well as a Doctorate in International Law. He currently works for the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV).


In 2010, Kamil Idris ran as an independent candidate for the seat of the President of Sudan to give people a choice that wasn’t clouded by political ambition. His drive and determination to make Sudan a better country could be seen in the way he approached the campaign. With a man like Kamil Idris looking toward the future in Africa, the continent is primed for growth.



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