Jason Hope Sees Great Possibilities for the Internet of Things

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and futurist, sees greater possibilities for the Internet of Things or IoT. He recently stated that the IoT is biggest wave of change in the internet ecosystem and tech environment in the recent years. Hope wrote multiple articles about the technology and found to be curiously watching the evolution of it. It should be noted that the IoT refers to connecting technology that helps to link and communicate various devices each other. It includes electronic gadgets, appliances, cars, street lights, and more. When everything is connected to single network, it can reduce waste and increase the efficiency.

According to Hope, the IoT has the capacity to change the way businesses run and would become the biggest advancement in terms of technology in the coming years. Hope also confirmed that it could be the biggest bet for the largest tech firms around the world. He sees that all the major players started harnessing the futuristic technology, and more integration and scale up can be expected in the coming years. Hope further says that while many people think the IoT as a convenient option now, it would become compulsory requirement in few years.

He thinks that the IoT would expand its space and help people in daily tasks like turn off lights while leaving for office or preparing coffee in the morning. According to Hope, IoT can also add safety to the daily life. For instance, public transportation has shown great improvements due to the technology and that directly translated into better safety. While many people think that most of the applicability of the technology is in cities, the actual situation is different. He says that it can make significant changes in rural life. GPS tracking and emergency responses will become more efficient and accurate throughout day and night.

Jason Hope is heavily investing in startups that are futuristic and carrying innovative ideas. While conceiving new ideas, he does not go for over-complicated but keeps things basic. Also, he checks with people who are close to him to get their response. Apart from IoT, he also keeps his focus on communication technology and biotechnology. Hope is also involved in many philanthropic activities and community support services. He is one of the major contributors of SENS Research Foundation, a research institute working on to reduce the aging process at the cellular level using drugs.

Hope is also found to be mentoring secondary school students in Scottsdale to develop grant and award programs for entrepreneurs. He has also shown interests towards politics and delivered his opinion on various government policies. Hope is a graduate in finance from Arizona State University. He also completed his MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business.

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