Jacob Gottlieb Believes One Can Thrive In Different Careers at a Go

Becoming a successful doctor takes time and skills. More skill and effort are required for one to succeed in the medical and business fields. Jacob Gottlieb is a person who has succeeded in attaining both careers. As he grew up, he was always inspired by his mother who was a pediatrician. He decided to take up medicine in school and join the medical world. In as much as he did perform well, his heart was in business. He decided to try his hand in business since he thought about it every day.

Having had a degree and a career in medicine, Jacob Gottlieb decided to go back to school and get an economics degree. He didn’t withhold any sacrifice required of him. His selfless attitude took him to the respected Brown University located in Providence. After earning his economics degree, he got employed in different financial companies where he held different executive positions. One of the prestigious companies he worked for, was Sanford C. Bernstein. His experience in business saw him co-found Visium Asset Management more than ten years ago.

He has attained success both at a personal and professional level. During the ten years the company has been in operation, he has brought assets amounting to billions of dollars. The immense success that he enjoys can be attributed to his hard work and dedication. He advises young people always to follow their heart. Despite his immense success in business, he is quite dedicated to the needs of the less privileged. He has been fighting poverty in New York for several years now through the Robin Hood Foundation.

When he compares what it takes to be a doctor and businessman, he notes that both professions need the same amount of time, effort, and dedication to succeed. He has not deserted his first career even though he does not practice it fully. As a doctor, Jacob uses the financial support he gets from his profession to give back to the community. Every year, he offers his medical knowledge and skills to support other foundations and non-governmental organizations aimed at taking care of the sick people in the community. Jacob Gottlieb is not relenting on his successful journey since he feels he must achieve more than he has achieved.


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