IDlife’s Supplements Are Here To Change The Face of The Supplement Market

In recent years, the world has taken a positive shift to being health conscious. This means more and more companies seek to optimize this trend by providing dietary plans. But, as opposed to its contemporaries, IDLife, developed by Logan Stout, doesn’t believe in providing a one diet solution that applies to all. Instead, it serves to revolutionize the health and wellness company by personalizing nutritional supplements that are best suited to each customer’s needs uniquely.

Recognizing that every person is different, IDlife concentrates its efforts on customizing nutrition plans based on genetics, medical conditions, health problems, diet, medication use, behavior and fitness programs.

What makes personalization more effective?

IDLife acknowledges that customers are usually not able to obtain the desired results they expect. This often turns them away from consulting similar companies again. IDLife, in the capacity of delivering effective results, sets out to turn this reality around and satisfy their customers with the results they wish to see.

The Purpose of IDlife

The supplement industry is a massive industry, of which a few nutritional companies make up 20% of the market share. The industry continues to grow and a part of its increase is attributed to the vested interest of many Americans in losing weight and becoming healthy. But because of not knowing where to start, they’re usually left stranded or have their expectations succumb to the incompetence of companies. In order to counter this, IDLife has created their nutritional supplements based on the study and data retrieved from peer-retrieved medical journals. The creation of their supplements have also involved data from clinical trials. Their efforts have sought to ensure high quality products are given to customers that serve their purpose.

About IDLife

Logan Stout is the CEO of IDLife. Apart from his background in business and entrepreneurship, Logan Stout’s versatility has earned him a title of Time World Series Professional Baseball Player many times. Logan’s passion about health and wellness led him to help launch IDLife LLC, in 2014. IDlife was featured in DSA Magazine Issue December 2014, which gave a view of its facility located in Frisco, Texas.

IDLife is supported by a renowned team of professionals and benefactors who operate on the principle of helping others. As a corporate team, these individuals share the same vision to create effective results for everyone who’ve trusted IDlife with their needs.


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