Herbalife and the Red Cross Unite to Ensure an Adequate Supply of Blood

A practicing physician, Dr. Kristy Applehans assumed a seat on the board of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Red Cross at the beginning of this year. In addition to her practice and duties with the Red Cross Dr. Applehans is employed by Herbalife in the company’s Global Post-Market Safety Surveillance Department.


Herbalife was established by Mark Hughes. The company’s first product was a protein shake to control weight. Herbalife’s mission statement is to “Change the nutritional habits of the world.”


As a doctor, Kristy Applehans fully understands the importance of hospitals having an adequate supply of blood for transfusions. Herbalife Nutrition has teamed with the Red Cross to educate the public on the need to donate blood. The program Herbalife and the Red Cross launched is called #MissingType. The campaign’s objective is to ensure hospitals have enough blood on hand when it is needed most.


It seems only natural to Dr. Applehan that Herbalife and the Red Cross be allied. To explain this belief she cites the goals of her employer and the Red Cross have in common. Both are devoted to the preservation of life and health and share a commitment to bringing people together to help their neighbors in times of crisis.


Are you are interested in giving a little of yourself to save a life? Contact the American Red Cross and get on the schedule to give blood at a blood drive near you.


Five years after Mark Hughes began selling his protein shake from the trunk of his car in 1980 Herbalife was realizing $423 million in sales. After the company began offering its products in Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Mexico their sales more than doubled. Today, sports drinks, protein bars, vitamins, and other personal care products are part of Herbalife’s product line.





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