From Day One, Graham Edwards Had An Impact at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has had an impact on the company called Telereal Trillium as Chief d been Officer (CEO).

Edwards has been the CEO of this company since it began in 2001. From first day that he started at the company, he has influenced the culture and the construction of the in many ways. In his days, he made a decision that would give the company value and of ways to use partnerships to make the company grow. Eventually, it would to a firm with huge property holdings.

The decision that changed the company was to enter into a 30-year partnership with BT. This deal allowed to get a majority of BT’s estates. This majority is worth 2.3 billion British pounds. Combined with the other 6,700 properties that this acquired, this meant that the company soon owned 59.2 million square feet.

One of the key elements of this partnership between Telereal Trillium and BT was that it allowed them to vacate BT properties in time. This allowed them to change the needs of its operations. This partnership let BT able to decrease their property size by about 30%. The vacating of properties allowed Telereal Trillium to get worth from its properties. Telereal obtained permission to renovate assets.

Graham Edwards made this contract with BT possible and turned out to be a good opportunity. The Strategic Asset Management at Telereal Trillium should also be congratulated for how they handled this new partnership. Edwards has a strong background in investing and used that knowledge to recognize the worth of BT’s holdings.

After being student in economics at Cambridge University, Edwards was able with some of the best, most out of the box thinking groups in the investment field. Before Edwards became part of Telereal Trillium, he was part of the company called Talisman Global Asset Management as chief investment officer (Cityscene). During his tenure at Talisman, he was able to get Talisman registered with Pears FSA, He also enabled Talisman to get 1 billion British pounds in assets.

Graham Edwards Telereal has been successful at Talisman and Telereal Trillium. With his investment knowledge, he should continue to succeed in the future.


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