Frans Schoeman: One of A Kind Attorney

Frans Schoeman began practicing law in 1990. He is a senior partner with South African based Joubert Schoeman Law Firm. Schoeman has several areas of expertise in law including business, commercial and corporate law. He is considered to be highly motivated by his colleagues and he has a very impressive career to prove it. Knowing some information about him is the only way a person can understand how he is qualified.

From 1987 – 1990, Frans attended the University of Free State. This is where he obtained his Baccalaureus Procurationis degree that made it possible for him to qualify as a lawyer in South Africa. He was a member of the Student Legal Society while in school. The society gave him a lot of exposure that helped him later in his career. When he graduated, he got a partnership at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys where he kick started his career.

His endeavors did not come to an end at the law firm. Nine years later, he started practicing law in a number of areas. By 2001, Schoeman had become a legal director at TG Minister Group. He was in charge of overseeing general legal advice, negotiation of procedure issues, drafting, acquisitions, construction of complicated legal mergers and due diligence. Schoeman was admitted to practice in RSA’s High Courts in 2003. At the start of 2005, he became an MD at Phatsima Diamond Corporation which runs mine concessions in Angola. He subsequently became a director at the firm less than a year later.

Frans has been endorsed for a number of skills including dispute resolution, international law, corporate law, civil and commercial litigation and legal research written on his profile. In his current firm, he has done a number for pro bono work. He also strives to volunteer in various areas such as politics, human rights, science and technology, environment, education, children, arts and culture.

Schoeman is a long standing partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. In his capacity as a partner, he has assisted in the development of solid techniques. The same techniques are used to tackle different kinds of problems and creating effective solutions for the said problems. Joubert Schoeman firm is adequately equipped with excellent knowledge, legal skills and experience to offer exceptional legal advice. Frans has been instrumental in building their current clientele base. Some of these clients are various commercial enterprises internationally and locally. His professional philosophy is ‘Bigger is not necessarily better’. With such a philosophy strives ensure professional mandates are limited to areas of expertise. This in turn affords quality engagement with matters of their clients.

Fran’s scope of practice is diverse. It includes, but is not limited to, forensic investigations, family law, property transfers, medical law and compliance, debt recovery, labor law, intellectual property, commercial litigation, business recovery, project development and finance, banking law and administrative law. Within the law firm, there are many more areas of legal practice covered. The law firm encompasses a high knowledge level in a number of specialties. Frans Schoeman is an attorney with an impressive legal career.

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