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The world can sometimes be a very scary place, especially for people who have been mistreated throughout the majority of their history. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The Jewish people have been persecuted by everyone around them, have been enslaved by both Babylon and Egypt at certain intervals, and have been conquered and governed by the Roman Empire. When they migrated into the deeper areas of Europe they were once again treated poorly.

Needless to say, once Israel became its own nation they had very few friends. Ambassadors to the state of Israel, such as Daniel Taub, are working as hard as possible to not only increase the relations between Israel and the rest of the world but also to make their own country find heightened levels of prosperity. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub was stationed in the United Kingdom and quickly began to make his presence known within British Parliament. He has had conversations with not only the British government but also the Queen, who he had tea with one more than one occasion.

The main benefit of Taub being present in the United Kingdom has been the increase in international trade that he negotiated between his country and the British Isles.

The trade agreement made it possible for Israel to move over three hundred businesses to the United Kingdom, which is, incredibly, an increase in trade by over double what it was in the past.

This agreement can possibly lead to further expansion of Israeli businesses into mainland Western Europe, where they might be able to make a great deal of ground in the European Union and then, once a foothold is made, into Eastern Europe as well.

Now that his time in the UK has been so fruitful Daniel Taub has decided to return home to Israel in order to increase relations with the countries that surround his own.

Since his return, he has already made a lot of positive relational changes with Jordan and Egypt, two countries who throughout the centuries have considered the Jewish people their enemies.

This increase in relations has been a testament to Taub’s passion for negotiation and his country, facts that can find their origins in his devotion to his faith as an Orthodox Jewish man.

His dedication to his God, as well as his people, will undoubtedly allow Daniel Taub to continue to make positive changes, not just for Israel but for the world as a whole.

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