Eric Pulier Was Interviewed By Ideamensch

Eric Pulier was recently interviewed by Ideamensch. If you want to find out what he said during the interview, as well as more about his business life, then continue to read on.

Interview With Ideamensch

Pulier interviewed by Ideamensch a few weeks ago. During the interview, he was asked about where his latest idea came from. He said the idea for his venture, vAtomic Systems, came to him because he realized there were macro elements in place that could change the gaming industry. He said this included the rise of digital goods trading, game mechanics blockchain technology.

The businessman was also asked about what a typical day in his life looks like. He said he tries to get plenty of rest at night and he gets up early so he can get quiet time, read and relax before get gets the day started. He also mentioned how he tries to stick to his schedule so he can accomplish Eric Pulier tasks for day.

As for how Pulier brings ideas to life, he said he jots down words of inspirations and ideas whenever they come up. Eventually he will go back to the list and expand on the words. He said sometimes his ideas will sit for days before he actually does something with them.


Eric Pulier ver successful businessman who has founded over 10 companies. He’s also an author, public speaker and a philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has raised millions of dollars for ventures he’s either co-founded or founded. Media Platform, Akana, Digital Evolution and Desktone are a handful of companies Pulier has co-founded, founded or have funded.

Personal Life

Besides being passionate about business and helping others, Pulier is a dedicated family man. He lives in Los Angeles, California and he is an active father to his four kids.

For those who want to learn more about Pulier’s new venture or more about Pulier, feel free to visit his website.

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