Krishen Iyer Interview

Kristen Iyer is the founder and owner of the insurance marketing company, Managed Benefits Service, based in Fresno, California. California also happens to be the place of his birth and where the man grew up as well. Krishen Iyer studied at San Diego University where he earned a degree in Public Administration. After college, Iyer began his forays into the field of insurance, founding NMP Insurance, or Name My Premium. Under Iyer’s leadership, the company saw massive growth, being included in the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

After leaving NMP Insurance, Krishen Iyer became the CEO and founder of MBS, or Managed Benefit Services. The company was originally called Quick Link Marketing, With the goals of the company being to help clients and businesses generate business leads. MBS is a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm. Krishen Ayer designed the company to work in an analytical process to generate the leads for clients. The best chances are then filtered out for the company, and suddenly the company or client in question has their pick of the litter. WHere this method really shines is for companies targeting very niche markets. Kristen Iyer’s MBS will allow a company to find and hopefully sell their product or services to that niche market, no matter how hard they are to find.

These facts alone prove Krishen Iyer is a creative and unique individual, able to found a successful company almost directly out of college with very little experience in the field. He has also led another successful company on its way and has helped many other companies reach success through MBS. Iyer will continue to surprise the populace with some of his more lucrative ideas and will continue to indirectly help companies everywhere find the buyers necessary to continue the running of their businesses.

Clay Hutson World Tour manager

Clay Hutson, Tour rigger, has chosen to join Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the The World Tour second leg of their Soul2Soul:. Since 2007 The pair has not visited together. Because of the prominent request, the visit expanded, and Clay Hutson is in charge of the energizing live creation. “I jump at the chance to be known as the most focused person in the room,” said Hutson. “I find that craftsmen value the endeavors that are put into their stage appears, which, like this, considers the notoriety of the business to keep on growing with each effective undertaking.”


Notwithstanding tuning in to phenomenal music, fans will view and tune in to a gathering of female artists concentrated on a corresponding imaginative string. The requesting visit needs an expert care staff to guarantee that everything matches the fabulous plan. Albeit nobody has a precious stone ball to guarantee a flawless night, Halsey has contracted director Clay Hutson to ensure the visit is a total achievement. He needed to figure out how to take after his instinct. Fortunately, his hunches were right.


In Clay Hutson’s initial days he functioned as a sound designer and visited as a significant aspect of the Billy Graham sound group. Afterward, it was Hutson’s affection for shake ‘n’ roll that drove him to take after his heart and spotlight on the music business. He went ahead to movement all through Australia, Europe, and North America, helping a portion of the world’s most noteworthy artists put on the most engaging live shows before sold-out groups of onlookers.


In the music business, mainly while getting ready for a live execution, it is critical for a man to double check the work that has been finished by them and their team to ensure that no issues emerge in front of an audience. Clay Hutson has confidence in the significance of checking and afterwards twofold reviewing the work that he and his group finish. He has faith in evaluating things to ensure that there are no issues that will give his entertainers an issue. Dirt Hutson is a sound designer, a phase director, and a visit maker. He is somebody who helps put on live exhibitions and ensures that everything works out well before the group. Hutson is a yearning person who has the energy for music and everything identified with it. Amid his profession, he has worked with enormous name craftsmen including Kid Rock. Learn more:

Contour’s Positive Review Of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a show that airs throughout America. They feature sponsor and editorial content. When Contour created an ergonomic workstation, they chose to do business with NewsWatch. This is what they had to say in their NewsWatch TV review.

Contour’s Review

When NewsWatch TV launched a campaign for Contour, the results started to come in fast. In fact, their workstation sales spiked right away. Bret Hudson, who works at Contour, attributed the spike in sales to the campaign. Hudson said the company was impressed with the video’s quality and that the video helped increase sales for their ultimate workstation series.

The segment that was created for Contour ended up reaching 90+ million households throughout the United States. The online campaign received over half-a-million impressions, which also increased sales for the company’s workstation.

What Is NewsWatch TV

It is a television show. It’s an American show, so it’s produced and shown across the country. It focuses on topics related to consumer and entertainment, so the subjects of each segment do vary. Most of the time, the show centers around products and service reviews. The segments that are aired during the program usually last between a minute or two.

Where Are Their Offices Located

The headquarters of NewsWatch is located in Washington DC. New York, Denver and Fairfax are cities that NewsWatch has offices in. As for who owns NewsWatch, that would be Bridge Communications.

NewsWatch Social Media

NewsWatch has a large presence on the internet. It can be found on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. others includes Pinterest, Google Plus, Vimeo and YouTube. NewsWatch has a blog that they maintain and update regularly.

Feel free to visit NewsWatch’s blog or website to learn more about them. Don’t forget about following NewsWatch on social media, too.


Heal and Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Heal and Soothe the Smart Way to Relieve Joint Pain

Heal-n-Soothe is a Systemic Enzyme therapy formula blended with ingredients to help relieve joint and back pain without the use of prescription drugs. The active ingredients assist in reducing inflammation from joint pain. However, this formula also helps in faster recovery from strains, sprains, fractures, and surgery. It can also help reduce the healing times from contusions and bruises.

The Ingredients

The difference in this formula over the usual types of pain relievers used including prescription pain medications, aspirin and Ibuprofen is the ingredients are natural pain relievers. The ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe include:


The other ingredients in this formula include vitamin E, Citrus Bioflavonoid, and L-glutathione.


The Difference

The difference between Heal-n-Soothe and NSAIDs is one is natural ingredients while the other is manufactured. But more than that while this formula does not produce immediate pain relief over time the use of this will have long lasting pain relief. NSAIDs have a lasting time of about 4 hours and then it is time to take more in the never-ending battle to find a way of relieving pain in joints from arthritis. The effect on the body of taking these manufactured drugs can have other effects on the body over time. Rather than just relieving pain this is a combination of ingredients that can help address the underlying problem that NSAIDs do not have the ability to fix. This natural ingredient formula has few side effects and not as serious as other types of pain medications, especially prescription medications. However, it does have other benefits to overall general health since the enzymes can break down scar tissue and thin the blood, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and risk of stroke. It lowers the risk of these conditions because the enzymes prevent the ability for the body to produce blood clots.

Ingredients in this formula have been studied to understand the effectiveness of Boswellia was studied in a blind study with some patients getting a placebo and the participants that received Boswelia showed a significant reduction in both swelling and pain. They also had an increased amount of mobility in the usually painful joints. Turmeric was studied at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research and showed the ability to reduce inflammation safely by shutting down the COX2 enzyme response for pain.

The Unique Blends of Organo Gold Organic Coffees

A recent article published in USA Today focused on the possible health benefits associated with drinking coffee. More specifically, the benefits pertained to living longer. Heart disease is the number one fatality among adults. Studies have shown a connection between the consumption of coffee and a reduced risk of having heart disease. It was also shown to decrease incidences of stroke, kidney disease and diabetes. The research showed a pattern among individuals who consumed an average of two to three cups of coffee a day. This pattern was the same regardless of whether people drank decaffeinated coffee or coffee containing caffeine. This research was conducted on over 500,000 individuals living in ten different countries.

A Natural Blend of Coffee

Organo Gold is a unique coffee blend that utilizes the beneficial properties of a natural root known as gandoderma. This herb comes from the mushroom family and has been used for centuries among the various cultures of Asia. The use of gandoderma among the Asian people was primarily as a an ingredient in skin care products. The team behind Organo Gold chose to incorporate the beneficial properties of this mushroom into the different blends of coffee it produced. Their coffee blends are also certified as being organic as they are made using the finest natural beans available.

In addition to the various blends of organic coffee available from Organo Gold, this company also has a selection of natural teas, which includes green, red and black. Also enhanced with the benficial properties of gandoderma, these teas come in both hot and iced blends. To accommodate the different beverage needs people have, the team behind Organo Gold have also made a line of single serve beverages available for purchase. These include their flavorful Colombian Roast and their slightly sweet Rodeo Chai, which also include the ingredient of gandoderma.

Let Sawyer Howitt Be Your Racquetball Mentor And Go Pro

     Racquetball is a sport not meant for the slow paced individual. It can be compared to tennis, but with a wall. People who play it are fanatical about it. Are you looking to up your racquetball game and become a professional? Read on to find out where to start, and what you will need.

With anything it is good to do a little research about the intended subject. Find out what it takes to be a professional racquetball player. What kind of equipment you will be using? Google and Youtube are great resources to find information, and also the library. Look to racquetball athletes to learn more about their experience with the sport. The next step is to find a coach. Not just any coach, the right one. You may need to travel or make sacrifices to get that quality coaching. It will be worth it, don’t worry. A unfit coach may teach you bad techniques that can get your injured, or even ruin your career, so don’t settle! Now that you have a coach and you are ready to do, you will need to get paid. How else are you going to be able to spend long hours practicing and perfecting your craft? If you are pretty good, you can teach racquetball and get paid or find a sponsor. If you promote a company’s products by wearing them or such, they will pay you for it. Write yourself up a plan, or goals. Not just some fluffy ideas that you will do some day, hard concrete steps that help you achieve your goals. Once you have done that, stick to it. Nothing will get done if you change direction every two weeks. If you stick to your plan, then you will most likely see results after a period of time. Practice all the time. You will become a better player if put in the time.

Racquetball expert and entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is inspiring young entrepreneurs to get started on building their own businesses. He is a philanthropist giving back to youth and women’s rights.

The Portland, Oregon native works at The Meriwether Group as a Project Manager. His previous experience includes working at KURE Juice Bar in customer service and at RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst.

Investment Firm Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the leading entrepreneurs and executives in the finance industry. He is currently the co founder and president of a top investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. During the last two plus decades, James has built this company into one of the leading firms in the industry. Over the course of his career, he has had a number of experiences that have allowed him to successfully build an investment firm. He has expanded the products and services offered in an effort to help investors meet their needs. What has helped make James emerge as a top finance executive is by offering a niche where he specializes in managing debt and credit backed securities. In fact, his firm was the first to offer collateralized loan obligations which was never offered by any other institution other than banks.

When James first founded his firm, it started out as a life insurance company. He founded it with Mark Okada and together they built one of the top life insurance companies in the United States. While the firm experienced a considerable amount of success, Dondero wanted to provide more services that would keep clients with the firm. As a result, he began to expand the product and service offerings of the firm. During the 1990’s, Dondero began offering a number of services such as wealth and asset management, financial advisory, hedge funds and private equity securities. By the end of the 90’s, Dondero had established his firm Highland Capital Management as a leading global financial services company.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, James worked as a regular employee for a number of investment firms. During this time, he worked as a credit analyst who would evaluate a number of credit backed securities for the firms he worked at. Along with this position, Dondero would hold other positions of greater responsibility over the years. His last position working as an employee was one as the chief investment officer. At this position, he oversaw assets worth over $2 billion for major companies such as American Express. These experiences helped James develop the knowledge and skills necessary to start up an investment firm of his own.

How Honey Birdette has increased the taste of lingerie

The three stores that are located in the United Kingdom are not enough to supply the needs of the customers. Currently, most of the clients abroad still use the online services to make their orders. Before the year comes to an end, Honey Birdette has planned to increase the number of stores in the UK from three to ten.
The increasing demand in the USA
Most of the clients of Honey Birdette come from the United States. Sadly, there are no stores currently in the country. All the purchases made from the country are done online. With the current market base, Honey Birdette has announced plans to have over 40 stores in both the US and the UK. In 12 months, the American market experienced an increase of 374% in the online sales.
The home market and the prospects
Currently, Honey Birdette has a total of 55 stores in Australia. The stores are evenly distributed throughout the country. The market base in the country has experienced a constant increase in sales. Other than the Australian market, Honey Birdette is equally eying the European market, especially France where there could be huge sales. The prices are varied for different products. The cheapest bra goes for 60 Euros as briefs go for 40.
The importance of creating a brand
By the time the company was starting, Eloise Monaghan did not expect a huge market base. He started his business based on dissatisfaction, and his primary intention was to create a better product. With Brisbane as the target market, the initial production did not get fair sales. With time, the company received more customers from other parts of the country. The demand of the products led to the development of the online stores where people from across the world could gain access.

James Dondero: The Brilliant Manager and Strategist of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero, the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, is known his aggressive strategies and brilliant leadership. He comes with more than three decades of experience in both equity and credit markets. His visions helped Highland Capital to register significant growth in the business since it founded in 1993. It should be noted that the firm currently manages assets worth $15 billion. Under the leadership Dondero, Highland Capital diversified its businesses into new areas by creating a number of affiliates: NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management (CLOs), NexPoint Residential Trust, and NexPoint Capital.

Dondero has played a crucial role in creating many credit market products. He is considered as one of the pioneers who designed the CLOs. Apart from leading the firm, Dondero also works as a portfolio manager at Highland Capital. His funds have received many recognitions from the industry bodies, including the Lipper Award 2014 for the Floating Rate Opportunities, Morningstar’s #1 rank in 2014 listing for Healthcare Equity Fund, and 5-star designation from Morningstar in 2014 for Global Allocation. Under his leadership, it offers investments in long/short equities, emerging markets, natural resources, and alternative investments.

James Dondero started his career in the year 1984 as an analyst by registering with the Morgan Guaranty training program. Next year, he joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst. He continued with the firm until 1989 and managed nearly $1 billion fixed income funds as a Portfolio Manager. After leaving American Express, Dondero joined GIV, the subsidiary of Protective Life, as its Chief Investment Officer. It should be noted that the subsidiary was founded in 1989, and Dondero helped it to grow to $2 billion business before leaving the firm to found Highland Capital.

While coming to the education, Dondero earned his graduation from the University of Virginia in finance and accounting. He also holds a number of industrial certifications including CFA, CMA, and more. Dondero has been appointed to the boards of many governmental and private financial institutions. He serves on the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Dondero is also known for leading Highland Capital to many charitable and community support initiatives. Institutions and groups like The Family Place, Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and more have been benefitted from his philanthropic initiatives.

NuoDB cloud database technology continues to draw attention

As companies begin to migrate to cloud based products, companies have created workarounds in order to meet business requirements. However, this has forced them to give up transnational consistency and integrity. Both of these have often solved some of the problems that previously arose. These environments have led to the growth of top-tier databases providing users with another option. NuoDB offers a database that is built to operate in a cloud based environment. NuoDB cloud database technology is compliant with ACD but also delivers agility and elasticity and allows for global accessibility. This new database was launched by NuoDB which was previously known as NimbusDB. The founders of the company are Barry Morris and Jim Starkey.

The technology is being used by several corporations including Alfa Systems, the UAE Exchange and Dassault Systemes. The database company was founded in 2008. The first patent for the NuoDB cloud database technology was in 2011 and later approved in 2012. Jim Starkey was the inventor of the NuoDB cloud database technology. The firm continues to be successful and received $12 million in venture capital back in 2012. It was named as a Visionary by Gartner. NuoDB continues to grow within the tech industry.