Jason Hope participates in anti-aging research

Jason Hope is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Arizona, United States. He has a strong passion for technology and has always been actively involved in the technology advancement matters. Along with the technology and entrepreneurship interests, Jason is passionate about giving back to the community. He spends his time and resources to better the lives of people across the nation, and also to improve human living conditions through technology. Jason Hope attended the Arizona State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in finance. He, later on, joined the W.P Carey School of Business where he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration.

When he was through with his education, he ventured into the business world and established his telecommunications company, Jawa. His company grew to become a parent company and created partnership opportunities for other companies in the technology industry. He developed passion for the technology industry since he was a young man and has spent a better part of his career as a believer in the Internet of things (IoT). According to Hope, the Internet of Things will significantly impact the future generation by changing their ways of doing things in relation to communication and business. The Internet of Things is the driving force changing the industries and the modern society.

Jason Hope has also been working in his community by providing proper guidelines and mentorship programs for the young generation. He inspires the youth to join the technology business sectors and offers them grants to get their businesses off the ground. With the vast experience in the entrepreneurial world, Jason understands that coming up with an idea and making it a reality is not easy, and for this reason, he committed himself to ensure the young entrepreneurs thrive in the technology industry through mentorship. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Jason Hope has also been actively involved in research initiatives to curb the aging process. It is a dream of every person to remain youthful, and the Rejuvenation Biotechnologies have been working to try and give people eternal youth. SENS Foundation has been on the frontline trying to fight the aging process and age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Jason Hope’s involvement is not only for the anti-aging but also to create a longer and quality life. In 2010, Jason donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation to fund its research activities. He wants to break the idea that diseases can only be treated after they happen and focus on stopping them from happening. He has invested his time and wealth to ensure the research is successful.


Gregory Aziz CEO Of National Steel Car Company

President and CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz, was born on April 30, 1949 in Canada. He attended Ridley College and studied economics and continued his studies in economics at the University of Western Ontario. As his family owned a food business, Greg Aziz grew up knowing what business was; so in 1971 he joined his family to help run their business. He and his family spent over 16 years in operation and was recorded as the leading importer and distributor of fresh food.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Gregory J Aziz, also referred to as James Aziz, began diversifying his investments. His ability to invest wisely is what enabled him to save and eventually buy National Steel Car from the company, Dofasco in 1994. Aziz’s mind was goal oriented to changing his National Steel Car company from being solely Canadian to being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

Aziz did not waste any of his resources within the company. He utilized his human resources in the company and poured the capital back into it. The positive outcomes were undeniable; the National Steel Car company began making 12,000 cars per year as opposed to their previous 3,500 cars. They also opened up jobs for hundreds of people and employed between 600-3,000 people. Go Here to learn more.

Gregory J. Aziz is the driving force behind National Steel Car’s success. As acting chairman, CEO, and president, he led the company in new changes and directions. Thanks to him, the company has been in business for over 100 years and continued to manufacture and engineer quality commitments. He has given the steel company a worldwide reputation for delivering quality products. The National Steel Car is no longer just a small Canadian company. Under the leadership of natural born business man, Gregory J, Aziz, it became North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer.


The company continued to expand under his leadership as he wisely used every resource the company had to offer. Gregory J Aziz’s focus and drive for nothing less than an excellent product has given his company a reputation that has now expanded globally. Aziz followed his dreams and because of it tripled the business in the steel car industry and created a global reputation of excellence for both himself and his highly esteemed, National Steel Car company.


Learn More: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/gregory-aziz

Robert Deignan The Internet Of All Things Troubleshooter

Robert Deignan is a entrepreneur and a business owner. He has been in the technology business for over twenty years. The very first company he co-founded was Fanlink, he then went on to being the vice president of iS3 Inc. a software company. Now Robert Dignan is the man behind the support system for the technologies of today. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. He is very versed in customer service as well as all things technology. With his background in helping customers via a company he worked with called Anti-Malware Software Company it gave him the idea for ATS Digital Services.

Our world of ever changing technologies Robert Deignan understands it is very hard for consumers to keep up with and when problems arise we need somewhere to go to for help. The most recent trend that Robert has been intrigued with is how more and more customers are getting comfortable with remote help. The idea how everything is becoming more and more interlaced with each other from your phone, t.v., car, and not to mention all of your computers on your network. Robert’s company works with various platforms and technologies to help when trouble arises.

Robert has trained his support team with the idea of the human connection, it is so much easier to remote fix a problem then waste time taking your hardware to a store or having a technician come to your home to repair it, it builds trust between the customer and his company, Robert firmly believes that the customer comes first and their security.

Robert’s company ATS was the first every company to be certified by AppEsteem. This is a very honored privilege because to meet their requirements a company must have premium customer support and support services in the software field. The way AppEsteem gathers its information to certify a company is through law enforcement, governmental agencies regulators, and input from various consumer groups. His lifetime spent inside the technologically industries in digital security, software, optimization of computers, and last but not lest customer service makes Robert Deignan and his company ATS Digital Services pioneers in the art of fixing The Internet Of All Things when there is a problem.


National Steel Car Is Leading More Than Just Rail Cars

There is over 100 years in engineering experience that National Steel Car company has put in in order to be named as the North American leading freight and tank manufacturer for railroad equipment. The main compound of the company is the people who keep it running smoothly. Without each person who works for the company, the company would not be what it is today. The company is diverse, dynamic and carries it’s values where ever it goes.

The business is always challenging what it is doing and for the company, they are always raising their bar and standards. They have everything that they need to be profoundly unmatched within the industry. They have an overall sense of purpose as well as staying true to their core values.

The man who is helping to keep their business afloat is Gregory James Aziz. A successful engineering firm has got to be able to embrace what changes are coming their way in a much more positive manner. The firm has to know how to use the technology in order to help them gain momentum in the engineering field.


The current CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz. He has been with the company since 1994. He has been known to his colleagues and friends as Greg Aziz or even James Aziz. He cherishes all of his employees and makes sure that they help to keep the company moving smoothly. View Related Info Here.

Before Greg Aziz started working for the National Steel Car industries, he worked primarily with his family business. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario. It was his families business that was successful in wholesale foods. They are known as the Affiliated Foods Industries. It was upon leaving them that he moved to NY to begin working with investment banking for a number of years.


It is under his direction and leadership that National Steel Car has been awarded 13 years in a row as being the leader within the steel car manufacturing industry. It has been able to hold onto this position because of the focus that has on the quality of freight cars that it produces. They make sure to never disappoint their customers by staying on task and meeting all of their deadlines. They are the only manufacturing company of the railcar industry which is ISO certified.


Gregory James Aziz also makes sure that his work does not solely end with rail car manufacturing. He also makes sure to focus on the better of the future by continuing through the innovative services and their involvement with philanthropic communities. They carry a lot of involvement with the work they do with the Ontario Food Drives and by sponsoring the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius.


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US Economic Failures and Hopes From Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar sent out tweets expressing his predictions and thoughts on the future world and US economy. There were many impeding failure discussed and some hope for the future. Shervin Pishevar is a skilled investor who has bought into companies like Uber, Slack, and Warby Parker.

One prediction on the United States front is the fall of Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar tweets about how the Valley is losing its appeal with innovative and new thinkers. Not so long ago, it had an exclusive draw to these types of people, but it will no longer be able to compete globally. Countries, such as China, are building train depots in less than a day.

The US stock market took a massive dip, which destroyed any of the gains it made in 2018. Shervin Pishevar sees all of 2017’s profits eroding next. He tweets, “February is not looking too hot.” The reason behind the fall is the giveaways in the tax system, interest rates continually going up, and credit account declines.

Big companies, which Pishevar calls unicorns, are running off a system that will eventually collapse. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Alphabet are more than massive. They all are continually searching for the next big thing, and when they find an emerging company that has got it, they buy them. Shervin Pishevar goes on to declare that these companies have powers that are statelike, but this influence will be their downfall.

Shervin Pishevar sees the future growth of many new entrepreneurship businesses because of digital currency. The money coupled with new ways of accessing funds through crowdfunding will change the face of how startup companies begin. But these little businesses may never get off the ground if the big five continually buy them out.

However, he sees some hope with projects like SpaceX. Another company he specifically mentioned was Virgin Hyperloop. Pishevar is one of the co-founders of this forward-thinking business model. These types of companies are fresh and invigorating to the United States economy, but they have to be able to make it in spite of America’s failing infrastructure.


Bob Reina: He Is Full Of Results

At the end of the day, people are looking for results in any type of business. If you don’t produce results and you don’t get the job done, they will find someone to replace you and it will happen sooner rather than later. Bob Reina knows this, which is why he is always working hard to stay ahead of the game and stay on top of things in life. He wants to be a trendsetter, and he wants to be a winner. With Bob Reina, the thing to remember is he wants to remain humble at all times. He wants to be seen as someone that is doing good things, but he is doing it for the right reasons.


He wants to be seen as someone that is doing good things because he hopes that it will motivate other people to do the same thing. Sometimes when other people see someone like Bob Reina, they become inspired themselves. They see that they can do it and it is not that far out of reach. It is there for the taking if they are willing to put the time in, the effort, and the dedication. When it matters to them, they will put their nose to the grindstone and get the results.


When Bob Reina was a police officer, he always got results, each and every time. He prided himself on that job. He knew he had a very important job, and it was not something he took for granted, that is for sure. It was something he knew that could save lives. Now, he wants to save lives in a different way with Talk Fusion. This is a video communications provider, which offers people the chance to write their own story, so to speak. They can do anything they want to with their lives. There is not a single thing that is too big or too out of reach for them.


Sometimes all people need is the chance to be seen. Once they are seen by the right people and the right audience, it will really open up a ton of doors for them. Once the doors are opened for them, they are going to break through and really surprise people left and right. They will show the world and most importantly, themselves, what they are capable of and what they can do with their company. They don’t have to answer to a rude boss anymore. They are the bosses now, and they are a nice person that is going to treat people how they would like to be treated. Learn more: https://patch.com/florida/southtampa/bob-reina-introduces-new-talk-fusion-software-features-webrtc-technology


They will learn from the mistakes of their other bosses, and they will find a way to get ahead by being a good person.

Contribution of Tony Petrello to Nabors and other philanthropic missions

Tony Petrello is probably known by many people for his contribution to the international business community. Tony Petrello is the president and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. He has been of the Nabors executive team since 1991 when he was appointed the chief executive officer of the company. He has played a remarkable role in directing the company in the right direction in terms of achievements and success. In the recent years, the success that has been recorded by Nabors have purely been as a result of his efforts. In 2011, he was appointed the CEO.

Since taking over, one of his biggest contributions has been successfully making Nabors a global company; he has been able to secure projects from all parts of the globe. Nabors is no longer an American continent only company, but an international company with a huge client base. Nabors have been able to win over clients with its quality services and for having the best drilling rigs compared to any other company in the world.

Anthony Petrello has made investments in technology a top priority of his administration. He knows that only through the adoption of the latest technology can the company maintain a competitive edge over other companies. The drilling sector is highly competitive, and technology plays a huge role in making the difference between a great company and an ordinary one. For Anthony Petrello, he is aware of this and has invested in technology in a big way. It is for this reason that the company has the best drilling rigs and is able to attract top clients in the drilling industry.

Anthony Petrello has in recent years been receiving positive coverage for his philanthropic contributions. Tony Petrello has been generous to his community by supporting various helpful, initiatives in the state. In one of the biggest charity donations in the state by a single person, Tony Petrello has given $5 million to a research center in Texas. The research center is a Neurological Research Center. It is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also pledged to top up the contribution with another $2 million in future.

The research Centre is supposed to make research in the field of neurological disorders treatment. Through his donation, the research center will employ some of the best medical specialists in the world. The intention is to eliminate the suffering of thousands of children suffering from neurological disorders such as the one his daughter suffers.

Learn More : https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/

Jason Hope Sees Great Possibilities for the Internet of Things

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and futurist, sees greater possibilities for the Internet of Things or IoT. He recently stated that the IoT is biggest wave of change in the internet ecosystem and tech environment in the recent years. Hope wrote multiple articles about the technology and found to be curiously watching the evolution of it. It should be noted that the IoT refers to connecting technology that helps to link and communicate various devices each other. It includes electronic gadgets, appliances, cars, street lights, and more. When everything is connected to single network, it can reduce waste and increase the efficiency.

According to Hope, the IoT has the capacity to change the way businesses run and would become the biggest advancement in terms of technology in the coming years. Hope also confirmed that it could be the biggest bet for the largest tech firms around the world. He sees that all the major players started harnessing the futuristic technology, and more integration and scale up can be expected in the coming years. Hope further says that while many people think the IoT as a convenient option now, it would become compulsory requirement in few years.

He thinks that the IoT would expand its space and help people in daily tasks like turn off lights while leaving for office or preparing coffee in the morning. According to Hope, IoT can also add safety to the daily life. For instance, public transportation has shown great improvements due to the technology and that directly translated into better safety. While many people think that most of the applicability of the technology is in cities, the actual situation is different. He says that it can make significant changes in rural life. GPS tracking and emergency responses will become more efficient and accurate throughout day and night.

Jason Hope is heavily investing in startups that are futuristic and carrying innovative ideas. While conceiving new ideas, he does not go for over-complicated but keeps things basic. Also, he checks with people who are close to him to get their response. Apart from IoT, he also keeps his focus on communication technology and biotechnology. Hope is also involved in many philanthropic activities and community support services. He is one of the major contributors of SENS Research Foundation, a research institute working on to reduce the aging process at the cellular level using drugs.

Hope is also found to be mentoring secondary school students in Scottsdale to develop grant and award programs for entrepreneurs. He has also shown interests towards politics and delivered his opinion on various government policies. Hope is a graduate in finance from Arizona State University. He also completed his MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business.

Eric Pulier Was Interviewed By Ideamensch

Eric Pulier was recently interviewed by Ideamensch. If you want to find out what he said during the interview, as well as more about his business life, then continue to read on.

Interview With Ideamensch

Pulier interviewed by Ideamensch a few weeks ago. During the interview, he was asked about where his latest idea came from. He said the idea for his venture, vAtomic Systems, came to him because he realized there were macro elements in place that could change the gaming industry. He said this included the rise of digital goods trading, game mechanics blockchain technology.

The businessman was also asked about what a typical day in his life looks like. He said he tries to get plenty of rest at night and he gets up early so he can get quiet time, read and relax before get gets the day started. He also mentioned how he tries to stick to his schedule so he can accomplish Eric Pulier tasks for day.

As for how Pulier brings ideas to life, he said he jots down words of inspirations and ideas whenever they come up. Eventually he will go back to the list and expand on the words. He said sometimes his ideas will sit for days before he actually does something with them.


Eric Pulier ver successful businessman who has founded over 10 companies. He’s also an author, public speaker and a philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has raised millions of dollars for ventures he’s either co-founded or founded. Media Platform, Akana, Digital Evolution and Desktone are a handful of companies Pulier has co-founded, founded or have funded.

Personal Life

Besides being passionate about business and helping others, Pulier is a dedicated family man. He lives in Los Angeles, California and he is an active father to his four kids.

For those who want to learn more about Pulier’s new venture or more about Pulier, feel free to visit his website.

Respecting Eric Pulier : https://www.linkedin.com/in/pulier

Real Time Translation

Google has once again dominated the market by providing the first point-and-translate app to the public. In the past, users were required to take a picture of the font in question and wait for the algorithm to process and translate the information. Google has taken it a step further with their app by allowing full ‘real time’ translation before your very eyes. Vimeo’s Darius Fisher is fascinated by this new technology.

To paint a picture for you, imagine you’re in a beautiful foreign country and you’re trying to catch a bus. You look around at the street signs and notice that you may as well be looking at hieroglyphics. Now imagine taking out your smart phone, pulling up the Google Translate app and watching the font instantaneously and fluidly convert to your native language. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

The best thing about this app is that it’s free for anyone with a smart phone to download. Not only is this device handy but it also allows easier communication between people. Never again will you feel intimidated when you take your family to that exotic restaurant downtown!

This app uses the “Word Lens” framework in which to translate your text. The software relies on the video mode from your camera to scan your environment and translate all text back to the user in English.

Google took it a step further by incorporating voice recognition technology for individuals to have a conversation despite language barriers.