End Citizens United Lashes Out Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United was created for one reason: to overturn the Citizens United v FEC decision. Citizens United won the decision, setting precedent for organizations to anonymously fund political campaign ads. Before the decision, it was required for individuals to report who they donated money. Now, with the creation of what is now know as political action committees, corporations are allowed to spend limitless amounts of money on the politician of their choice. Many, including End Citizens United, believe that this is unfair to the common citizen; the voting power has been taken away from the people and given to the corporations.

The usual methods used by End Citizens United include supporting candidates that do not accept corporate money and opposing politicians that do. Democrats are supported by the organization, and Republicans, who generally are the ones who accept corporate money, are opposed. Bob Casey, Jamie Raskin, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Elizabeth Warren are just a few of the candidates supported; Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Mimi Walters are a few of the politicians that are opposed. How to Reverse Citizens United.

End Citizens United took a different approach with Rick Scott, who is currently running for United States Senate. Instead of simply supporting a candidate that is running against Rick Scott, the organization filed a complaint to the FEC. Rick Scott is being accused of working closely with New Republican, a political action committee that is supporting Rick Scott. Politicians, by law, are banned from communicating with PACs that support their campaign.

Evidence is abundant that Rick Scott is breaking the law. For starters, Rick Scott is formally a member of New Republican, holding a high position in the organization. Second, Rick Scott shares a fundraiser with the PAC. That fundraisers name is Jenny Drucker. The most incriminating evidence is the fact that Scott’s campaign and New Republican share the same mailing address. Rick Scott is breaking campaign laws, and End Citizens United is making sure he doesn’t get away with the crime.

For More info: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261

End Citizens United Continues The Fight For Election Finance Reform

The impressive work completed by End Citizens United during the last three years has allowed this traditional PAC formed in 2015 to become one of the most important on the left of U.S. politics. Just how and why the PAC came into existence is just one part of the story and issue taking place in U.S. politics over the course of the 21st-century; special interest groups and mega-donors are not a new aspect of U.S. politics with Democrat George Soros and the Republican-supporting Koch Brothers going toe-to-toe over the 2004 Presidential elections.

Things changed in U.S. politics in 2008 when a Republican-backed film, “Hillary: The Movie” was scheduled for broadcast during the 2008 Democratic Primaries became the focus of a series of court cases. Democrats argued the film was merely a long election ad commissioned by a group supporting Republicans who hoped to remove the candidate seen as most impressive at the time. Republicans and right-leaning attorney’s argued the Citizens United group had every right to broadcast their film under free speech rules.

By 2010, the fight over “Hillary: The Movie” had moved to the Supreme Court where a vote of 5-4 gave Citizens United the right to keep their donors anonymous and provide almost unlimited funding for the campaign of any candidate they wished. From the outset the ruling was controversial and a strong rebuttal was delivered on behalf of the four judges voting against stating the reasons why it was felt the decision was a threat to free speech and the democratic process.

End Citizens United was eventually established in 2015 in Washington D.C. under the leadership of President Tiffany Muller who believed the moral choice for all those who love the Democratic process was to reverse Citizens United. The overall aim of End Citizens United is to reverse the Supreme Court decision and to defend the other election finance regulations which are in place and now threatened by Republican lawmakers. Tiffany Muller made the decision to align End Citizens United with Democrats as she felt the values of the Democratic Party were more closely aligned to reversing the Supreme Court decision than Republicans who benefit the most from special interest groups funding.

For details: www.youtube.com/c/EndCitizensUnitedOrg

End Citizens United Selects The best Leaders For Reforms

End Citizens United was formed with the aim of fighting for reforms in the state. Presently, the committee has earned stellar reputation for fighting for human rights through endorsing trusted candidates. Just the other day, Ends Citizens United endorsed Doug for senate seat in Alabama. Recently, the direction of endorsement has shifted to Sinema Kyrsten, a congresswoman. Based in Arizona, the lady is trusted with the leadership of these people. End Citizens United released press statement citing that Sinema has shown constructive support towards unseating undeserving leaders in the country and the city. Sinema has stellar reputation.

Muller Offers Speech on The Endorsement

According to one Tiffany Muller, the head cheerleader of End Citizens United, Sinema has been voicing people’s feelings towards leadership in many ways. She has been an independent voice that contributes to the betterment of the society through clear focus and resilience. Her transparency is also to die for as she looks like a candidate who cannot take bribes or pocket illegal money. In matters of democracy justice, Sinema is a leader in guiding the people. End Citizens United also cited that the team is proud to support Sinema in her pursuit for the senate seat. Sinema can win the race because she stands with the people. She is selfless and has invested time in addition to resources in understanding who her people are. She capitalizes on understanding their needs based on the reforms.

Excellent Performance and Reputation

Sinema has been a good citizen and leader for years. Her track record bears positive initiatives without any implications. While offering a speech concerning the same subject, Sinema stated that she is sure of injecting finance reforms to the city. Suppose she is elected, she promises to deliver more than the citizens expect. ECU was elated to make the announcement concerning this endorsement. Sinema categorically stated that she shall not allow dark money circulation in the city. She is especially concerned about getting rid of donors who cannot be revealed in times of making donations towards political moves.

Sinema continued to state that Arizona should be led by trusted leaders. She also added that she is sure of the change she is meant to bring about and she commits to this change. Her transparency will play a pivotal role in injecting change into the system.


Well, End Citizens has been working with major contributors for change in political financial dockets. From 2015, this group has concentrated on how to make America a better place. Led by grassroots donors, the committee has initiated some of the world’s strongest platforms for reforms. It is not wonder ECU continues to endorse trusted people who cannot participate in corrupt deals. End Citizens United will provide the best leaders as time goes by.

Learn More: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

A Quick Look at the Business, Political and Charity Life of Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is the founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, and is well known in Texas as a top Texas lobbyist and political fundraiser. She works with her husband to craft policy. Her husband, the co-founder of the firm, is Dean McWilliams. They are represented on both sides of the aisle, as one is Republican and the other is Democrat, so they are balanced. She was raised on Congress Avenue, just steps away from the Texas Capitol, and she now lives with her children in an old home in Old Enfield. She is a mentor to many young businesswomen in Central Texas, in partnership with Austin Business Journal.


Andrea McWilliams has been featured and reported on by the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, CNN, USA Today, BBC, NPR and others. There was an article on her and the Governor of Texas, along with the Texas House Speaker in the POWER feature of Texas Monthly.


Andrea McWilliams became Chief of Staff at just twenty one years old. She won the Profiles of Power award from the Austin Journal and the 2016 Texas Business Women of the Year Finalist Award. She won the Women of Distinction Award from the Texas Girl Scouts. She also got the the Style Setter award from Austin Fashion Week and many other awards.


Andrea McWilliams is a major philanthropist. She has done work for Susan G Komen, a foundation that works for breast cancer, as well as Kill Cancer. A name was named after her in the Seton Center, a breast cancer place in Austin. This was because of the various support she has given to different cancer organizations. She chaired the Ballet Fete, which is the largest charitable event in Austin. Andrea McWilliams has supported the American Ireland Fund. She serves various other boards as well.

Is Charles Koch Backing Clinton?

One of the political interest rivalries in the United States pits the Clinton’s against one of the wealthiest dynasties in the country, the Koch family. These two families do not see eye to eye on almost every political issue since Bill Clinton was US president decades ago.

In politics, however, there are no permanent friends or enemies. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better despite contrary expectations Charles Koch recently termed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as a better candidate in comparison to the Republican candidates. This revelation came as a shock to many since Charles and the larger Koch family are dedicated Republicans. The Clinton camp was also non-appreciative of the Koch statement and sent out a reply via Twitter.

Koch however quickly cut short any possibility of jumping onto the Clinton bandwagon citing the need for her to rethink her policies. This statement marks yet another instance in which Koch has expressed apathy towards the Republican hopefuls. He went even further by calling them poor role models, a sentiment most probably directed at Donald Trump. Donald Trump is having a successful nomination campaign because he isn’t an active politician. Few people even expected him to make it this far.

The Koch family have always played an active role in grooming GOP candidates from the primaries leading up to the general elections. Last time round, Charles mobilized his networks to raise $400 million for the Republican candidate. This time round, they seem to be taking the back seat and watching from a distance, and they haven’t raised even a single penny. Charles Koch even explained he wouldn’t support Trump nor de-campaign him.

The conservative Republican billionaire is likely to support the candidate who is most likely to represent his interests hence the headline statement. Either way, it seems he won’t be breaking the bank for the Republican runners. Meanwhile, Koch can look forward to running the Koch Industries together with his brother David Koch.

Charles Koch resides in Wichita, Kansas State and is well known for his political and social philanthropy as well as his entrepreneurial spirit. He serves as the Co-owner, CEO at Koch Industries. The two brothers gained their entrepreneurial skills from their father who refined chemicals and oil. Today, they have expanded the family business into selling fertilizers, polymers, and pollution control technology.

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