Jeff Create Pharmaceutical Company to Help the Helpless

Jeff Aronin is currently doing charitable work in the Chicago area and internationally as well working as CEO of a billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Jeff is constantly trying something new for the better of patients and those in his sphere of influence.


From getting his bachelor’s degree and MBA, Jeff went to work in the healthcare field for a while. However, it was not until meeting a child suffering from a seizure disorder that he grew the passion for helping those who have rare disorders. Jeff had the option of either putting the child through a life changing and risky surgery or attempting a new form of medication. He trusted the facts in his gut and went with the medication and because of that decision the child walked away with improved health. Jeff saw the benefits not just of treating a patient, but also helping someone who does not normally the care they need. It seems that people who have rare or unique medical cases get put on the back burner as these aren’t as heavily researched diseases. They often require more money and funding to assist the patients.


Jeff started Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company with just one goal. To combat the illnesses of patient and develop drugs. Having a goal that is so singularly focused makes it easy to know who to invest in.


Jeff has invested his money in Paragon Biosciences. Paragon has identical views in helping the unmet needs of patients with rare issues. Paragons main goal is to help start up and finance institutions and organizations that desire to help medically assist the patients in dire need. The success of Ovation Pharmaceuticals was seen when a company abroad purchased the company for 900 million dollars. Investors saw the potential of Jeff and his company.


Jeff Aronin’s only concern is to help people and the more help that he can have in his goal the easier it will be to accomplish the task. He allowed the purchase of the company but still remained the CEO to direct its operation in the course it should go. Hopefully through the work of Jeff and others more companies will see the benefit of helping those in need.