Sheldon Lavin: taking up the reins of OSI Group

OSI Group’s excellent history spanning over 100 years starts with a German- immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, who began operating a retail meat market and small butcher shop in 1909, under the name Otto & Sons. The small business started expanding in 1955 when it became McDonald’s exclusive hamburger supplier. It established a plant in 1973 specially dedicated to serving the McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin joined the business in the 1970s and became a partner of the company operated by Otto’s two sons, in 1975 which is the year that the company also changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin steered the firm into an expansion, following McDonald’s growth, and in the 1980s, OSI Group expanded to Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, Austria, and Spain. OSI opened two more plants in the United States which helped it develop to the Philippines, China, Mexico, and Poland. By the year 2000, OSI had begun poultry business on several continents. In 2002, it entered the fresh produce market by acquiring a firm in China while growing its beef industry through an Australian acquisition. The poultry operation grew to meet the increasing demands, and in 2006, OSI Group purchased a stake in an American company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon Lavin, when he joined the business more than 40 years ago, brought with him a drive to excel along with the experience he had acquired as a banking executive and investor. He has helped the company make many strategic acquisitions and joint ventures including the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH in 2016 to give OSI more accessibility to raw meat to facilitate broadening its distribution of meat products and fresh meat all over Europe and Germany. Also in 2016, with him at the helm, OSI acquired Tyson production plant for $7.4 million, Baho Food to enable including quick snacks and deli meat in its product offering and Flagship Europe to expand to marinades, food supplies, and other products.

On 20 February 2016, India’s Vision World Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with a Global Visionary Award to recognize his accomplishments of taking OSI Group to the global scene, and for promoting worldwide job creation. Under his leadership, OSI has received many sustainability and environmental awards, and Lavin hopes that the firm’s next corporate leaders’ generation will continue to make it a priority. Sheldon Lavin is committed to the company’s and employees’ welfare, and he wants to inspire the next leaders to do the same.


A Path Taken Only By Sheldon Lavin

Double The Tenure, Double The Growth

Decades have passed with the OSI group pushed forward by Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon is a business leader with over 40 years of professional experience. Mr. Lavin is the CEO and majority stock owner of the OSI Group, which is an agency that’s leading the world in food processing. The firm’s success is building off of the vision of Sheldon and the innovation he’s driven to continue producing.

The OSI Group leads the world because of the clients it holds as it manages the world’s largest meat production annually. The agencies, who are the clients of the OSI Group, are McDonald’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut to name a few. These restaurants are found across the world now, and this enlarges the OSI Group’s business presence.

The Ambition Of Building An Empire

International business is being conquered by ambition. A large group of OSI clients need an endless supply of resources, and this enables the agency to make impressions within international business through ambition alone. The OSI Group is a world leader due to the business it built in the United States.

This business identity and the system in place is the same business model used by the OSI Group as it extends its brand across the world. The mathematical precision of the OSI Group puts the agency in a place where leadership is all it needs while scaling its empire across the planet.

Seeing The Professionalism In Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a business professional with all the right credentials for CEO.

This businessman built his name within the OSI Group from the ground up. Sheldon became majority shareholder, but he never actually began with wealth in hopes of buying OSI. The identity of Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group were built from a relationship that spans well over 25 years and counting.

This never-ending tenure by CEO Sheldon is creating a major buzz in the corporate world. The successes of high-ranking professionals in the corporate world is something watched by the entire planet. Sheldon continues to reap favor in his industry while keeping it going at the mature age of 81.

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David McDonald – Nows What Adapting Is All About

David McDonald is COO and president of OSI Group, LLC. He is also project manager of OSI Industries. McDonald was an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods when Marfrig Frigorificos Comércio de Alimentos took over ownership of OSI Group operations in Brazil and Europe. He held this position until 2017. He is a member of OSI’s Board and Director of OSI International Foods Pty Ltd. of Australia. Mr. McDonald is a member of OSI Group’s board of directors. He serves as director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited. McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University and has an Animal Science degree. After graduating David McDonald joined OSI Group at the ground level and worked his way up.

OSI Group, LLC in Aurora, Illinois, is a holding company of food commodities servicing the food and retail industries. OSI’s products include bacon, fish, meat patties, hot dogs, poultry, fish, pizza and vegetables. McDonald plays a major role in the OSI’s success and continues to work on ways to improve the company. One of his beliefs is the importance of quickly adapting to change, which in turn guarantees the future of OSI.

McDonald works at adapting to the changing world, which in turn improves the company’s sustainability. He believes that adapting to change ensures the future of the company, but it is important to adapt quickly. He mentioned how consumer trends place great importance on how animals are raised and other factors like where they are being raised and how product is labeled. Local sourcing plays a big role in consumer concerns, and OSI Group is constantly finding ways to satisfy customers. McDonald pointed out that the OSI allows local management crews to run their facilities because they know the local culture and know the likes and dislikes of the local community.

Recently, OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in a private Dutch business. Baho Food manufactures meat products for the retail and food industry. Baho has plants in the Netherlands and Germany with five subsidiary companies that sell convenience foods to 18 European countries.

McDonald stated that including Baho Food to OSI European family gives OSI a greater presence in Europe and that Baho’s products adds strength to the present processing strengths of OSI, he also added that this union is expanding upon the capabilities of best serving the customer’s ever changing needs on a world wide level.

About OSI Group:

OSI Group and Food Safety

OSI Group is a sizable international supplier that’s located in the community of Aurora, Illinois. It specializes in customized food products of all types. It’s been a big part of the food world since its founding all the way back in 1909. The OSI Group staff consists of approximately 20,000 employees in total. Sheldon Lavin is the leader at OSI Group. This company accommodates all kinds of retail and foodservice brands based all around the planet. It’s among the United States’ biggest privately held operations. OSI Group has 65 plus facilities in locations all around the world. These locations span 17 different nations, too. The team members at OSI Group specialize in supply chain knowledge, A+ food safety practices, international taste savvy and culinary abilities. It gives people access to a broad range of product categories. Standout examples of these categories are seafood, poultry, pork, beef, baked goods, pizza and produce. OSI Group sends these products to grocery stores in areas everywhere. Some of the company’s pork processing specialties include ribettes, roasted pork and cooked sausage links. Its poultry processing specialties include raw cuts, patties and breaded poultry. OSI Group is a supplier that’s known for everything from bacon chips and chicken fried steak to pot roast and paninis. It regularly puts its attention onto tomatoes, lettuce, fresh dough, frozen meals, flavored sausages, chili, bacon bits, nuggets and burgers.

The staff members at OSI Group have many food product skills. They have many processing skills as well. People can rely on OSI Group for world-class knowledge that relates to international food supplies, food process engineering and even food R&D (research and development) matters. OSI Group puts a lot of care into quality assurance and food safety, too. It has strict guidelines and regulations. It offers rock-solid tracking practices that encourage quality assurance and safety. The OSI Group focuses on process control methods, raw material assessments and top-quality sanitation approaches in general. OSI Group conducts quality assurance audits on a yearly basis. These audits are all-encompassing, thorough and meticulous. Safety is a big priority for the team at OSI Group. These professionals prioritize high-quality equipment and tools that define safety. They prioritize design concepts that promote the highest degree of safety as well. This is a company that genuinely cares about strong manufacturing techniques. It’s also one that spends a significant amount of time focusing on comprehensive training concepts and procedures.

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