Ted Bauman On Better Ways To Store Your Assets

Anyone who has assets knows it is very important to protect them. There are also plenty of options to do so and are at your disposal. One man is an financial expert specializes in teaching people how to keep their assets safe from natural disasters. If you don’t know where to start or store your assets Ted Bauman has some great recommendations.

You can store your assets in a number of places other than a bank including foreign countries. This provides unique possibilities that a standard bank cannot provide. The first option is to put your assets in a independent vault. This may sound interesting, but in fact vaults certainly have their advantages. One of them is that they have extra security and are not associated with any financial institutions. This makes it so courts and government agencies do not regulate independent vaults so they don’t have to surrender the contents of the vault. If you put your assets into a foreign vault is has even more advantages. They are not subject to IRS requirements or government regulations for that matter says Ted Bauman.

The next option is to put your assets into safe-deposit box at your bank or at a foreign bank. Now storing your assets at a safe-deposit box is surely better than keeping them at home where you are vulnerable to being robbed, or natural disasters for that matter. If you put your assets in a foreign safe-deposit box then they have more benefits then in the United States. First, they are not subject to foreign court orders or the government taking the contents of your box.

Ted Bauman does not recommend keeping your assets at home for a number of reasons. First off, you are at odds with any natural disasters like flooding, fire, and what ever else may happen. You are also at risk for your assets to be stolen. This can result in a particularly bad ending if you store all your assets together. You can lose it all, which would be quite horrible. Ted Bauman recommends to get a good lockbox or home safe if you are absolutely dead set on keeping your assets at home.

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Invest Early, Retire Successfully: Entrepreneur Chris Linkas

Despite saving and retiring plans becoming very important, most people tend to ignore it until they are late. It is the biggest mistake that people make when it is time for saving to your golden years time. According to Chris, young people should be serious about retirement plans. It is a natural thing for the youth not to show concern regarding their eventual retirement. Even after they face many years in the workforce, they still think the time is still on their side. It has become something that young people don’t like to hear about, but the key to having a financial stability life is through early investment as soon as possible. Chris says that when one is disciplined during youth period about retirement planning, it helps to reduce the risk of impulsivity and damaging the potential decisions later. He is a 1991 graduate with a degree from Bowdoin college and works for United Kingdom investment group that is based in London which has the responsibilities of opportunistic principle investments. He explains the top reasons why one should start saving and investing very early. Using compound interest to grow your nest -The power that compound interest has, it can’t be stressed with satisfaction. This is what most people fail to realize but pays over a long period of time. When you start putting money at the early 20s you will end better of than starting at 30s.Having better life-when you do strong investment when young, will end up having a quality life throughout your life. The nest eggs still grow which will provide a cushion that will make your life flexible. Be flexible taking risks-When you wait until you are old, then you are down to the wire. They cant make risks plan because they might fall apart their retirement plans. When you start young, then you have time to risk. Start better spending habit when young-When you start spending poorly at the young stage, you will end up having financial trouble. Those people who are disciplined and diligent in investment so that they can retire when young are very careful. Always be ahead of your age mates-When inevitable about investing and still young, you will have a better position when dealing with inevitable financial hardships which might come later.

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Practical and Time-Proven Investment by Stansberry Research That You can Invest On

Stansberry Research is an independent and a privately held investment research organization based in Maryland. They are specialists in investment analysis providing impartial information processed by experts who come up with timely research. They have bi-monthly an monthly newsletters that feature competitive edges in different sectors and prevailing market conditions. Their financial professionals cover areas such as biotechnology, macroeconomic analysis, investment in energy industry, financial, medical technologies, value investing, short-selling and options trading.


The firm has more than two dozen researchers and analysts most of them former hedge funds managers, buy-side financial experts who serve more than 350,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries. Stansberry Research unbiased and unrelenting understanding of current and upcoming market trends and well-informed analysis has made it a reputable and highly demanded research firm in the financial sector. It was established in 1999 by Porter Stansberry as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research and serves as the editor of its flagship newsletter Stansberry Investment Advisor. He is also airing his opinions on pieces published in financial publications.


Recently, they have advised on investing in the coffee industry giving a detailed analysis of why it is a worthy investment. Though currently at low prices, the sector has seen significant leaps of up to 45% in 2015 and 92% in 2014. They have projected a similar trend this year.


Previously, Porter worked at an English financial newsletter, The Fleet Street Letter. He works with other famed analysts such as geologist Matt Badiali who edits investment publication on natural resources, energy, and metal on S&A Resource Report. For information on safe stocks, steep discounts, and good businesses, subscribers can look out for “Extreme Value” newsletter edited by Dan Ferris. In 2014, Stansberry Research published his book “World Dominating Dividend Growers: Income Streams that Never Go Down”.


Other editors include Steve Sjuggerud who is the editor and found of the firm’s “True Wealth” newsletter, who has co-authored “Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom” a book on investment plans. David Eifrig has authored two books and is the editor and contributor of “Retirement Millionaire” and “Daily Wealth ” newsletter respectively. Stansberry Research has additional offices in California, Oregon, and Florida.

The Ultimate Components To Business Funding By Glen Wakeman

Are you a startup or an upcoming entrepreneur looking for funding of your business? Well, you should not worry anymore because your funding is almost guaranteed if you only develop some strategies offered by this business titan and expert Mr. Glen Wakeman. It is quite easy to get ideas all over the internet especially in our millennial age but not all the information can benefit you build a great foundation for your business as an entrepreneur. A whole lot of information will just enable you to have an idea of the business you want but funding the business to start propelling may be quite a task. That’s why you need someone who has trekked the path before you. And Glen Wakeman is there to help you.

Glen Wakeman has an extensive knowledge of matters to do with entrepreneurship where he has helped many get established. He has previously worked with businesses and corporations especially at General Electric where he served as COO, General Director and Director of Business development. Being in the business development division could be the reason he developed some interest in startups especially when his unit grew to expand to over 9 countries with 17,000 employees and an asset net worth of $12 billion.

After his great experiences, Glen Wakeman wanted to share his knowledge to upcoming entrepreneurs and thus launching Launchpad Holdings which is also young and using the following components to develop itself. Irrespective of the services and products a business is dealing with, the methodology and its components never changes. These are the components you need to develop strategies that will attract some funding or financing:

  1. Marketing – in this component the major question is based on “why and what”. What are you offering and why should a potential customer buy from you.
  2. Operations – You should also know how you will deliver your promised product and service. This is basically about the execution of your plan. Answer the question, “how”.
  3. Talent – you should evaluate your abilities and that of your team members. Determine whether you need another person or not.
  4. Financial – consider how much you have and how much you need to start up.
  5. Risk management – address any fatal risk before executing your plan.

Now you are ready for business.


Jeunesse Global Product Unique Online Platform

A team of business, medical, and health professionals stands behind Jeunesse Global, a direct selling company focused on products that reduce and prevent signs of aging. The team includes doctors, wellness professionals, alternative medicine experts, and plastic surgeons with many years of experience. Jeunesse Global was officially launched on September 9, 2009. Powering the business is a unique online platform and direct selling design. The company has grown substantially since its launch almost a decade ago.

The Jeunesse system is based on what the company calls: Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement System). Y.E.S. features supplements and skin care products intended to complement each other and work together. While the skin care line works on the external appearance, the supplements are intended to affect change internally as well.

FINITI™ is the supplement Jeunesse considers its most revolutionary. A glance at the ingredient list reveals antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and more. Fruit and vegetable extracts provide the punch behind this supplement in the form of pomegranate, a superfood, and palm fruits, which contain vitamin E. Coenzyme Q10 is included for its ability to boost cellular energy and as an antioxidant. Turmeric provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been shown to promote healthy skin. Quercetin is another ingredient in the blend, bringing protective and supportive elements, along with functioning as an anti-inflammatory. The inclusion of astragalus root extract means a boost in cell longevity and for the immune system. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), an amino acid, also assists with preventing cellular damage, reducing inflammation, and supporting the immune system.

Another supplement created by pilar and resemble a standard multi-vitamin, the supplements also have strategic minerals and proprietary blends. The morning blend contains a small amount of caffeine from Guarana as well as cordyceps extract and Ginkgo biloba for clarity. In contrast, the PM blend is geared more toward recovery and rest. Jeunesse Global recommends use of the supplements and skin care products alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan to achieve the best results.

Graham Edwards: British Businessman Focusing on Rapid Growth

The United Kingdom experienced a tremendous growth in the prices surrounding the real estate industry, and people are looking for a company which would help them manage their properties. Telereal Trillium Ltd. is one of the most in demand companies today helping the British people with their problems about their properties. Graham Edwards, the company’s chief executive officer, is helping the common people with their struggles about their properties. Graham Edwards knew how to deal with these problems, and he helped the company to become one of the fastest growing property management companies in the United Kingdom. Telereal Trillium Ltd. has recognized Graham Edwards on multiple occasions because of his dedication to serve the company and transform it for the better.


In the beginning, the Telereal Trillium Ltd. company has been performing slowly. However, when Graham Edwards took over, everything changed in an instant. The company had to make them known to the British people, and as a challenge, Graham Edwards had to publish several articles about the company, announcing it to the public so that they could also seek for the company’s services. One of the most famous transactions under the leadership of Graham Edwards happened between BT and the Telereal Trillium Ltd. Graham Edwards have seen a transaction waiting to be approved, and this transaction involved the transfer of more than 6,000 units of properties from BT to Telereal Trillium Ltd. The transaction alone cost two billion pounds, and the government felt surprised after they found out that the company could make that much money.


Today, Telereal Trillium Ltd. continues to become a firm serving most of the population who have disputes and issues with their properties. Graham Edwards stated that his life had changed drastically when he was hired by the company, and he stated that he would have to work hired so that the company could notice him and provide him with the incentives. Graham Edwards is also developing a feeling of love and fulfillment for his job, but he is still wishing that one day, he would be waking up being given recognitions that he would never image. Graham Edwards is also a philanthropist, serving some of his foundations and making the inhabitants happy.


From Day One, Graham Edwards Had An Impact at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has had an impact on the company called Telereal Trillium as Chief d been Officer (CEO).

Edwards has been the CEO of this company since it began in 2001. From first day that he started at the company, he has influenced the culture and the construction of the in many ways. In his days, he made a decision that would give the company value and of ways to use partnerships to make the company grow. Eventually, it would to a firm with huge property holdings.

The decision that changed the company was to enter into a 30-year partnership with BT. This deal allowed to get a majority of BT’s estates. This majority is worth 2.3 billion British pounds. Combined with the other 6,700 properties that this acquired, this meant that the company soon owned 59.2 million square feet.

One of the key elements of this partnership between Telereal Trillium and BT was that it allowed them to vacate BT properties in time. This allowed them to change the needs of its operations. This partnership let BT able to decrease their property size by about 30%. The vacating of properties allowed Telereal Trillium to get worth from its properties. Telereal obtained permission to renovate assets.

Graham Edwards made this contract with BT possible and turned out to be a good opportunity. The Strategic Asset Management at Telereal Trillium should also be congratulated for how they handled this new partnership. Edwards has a strong background in investing and used that knowledge to recognize the worth of BT’s holdings.

After being student in economics at Cambridge University, Edwards was able with some of the best, most out of the box thinking groups in the investment field. Before Edwards became part of Telereal Trillium, he was part of the company called Talisman Global Asset Management as chief investment officer (Cityscene). During his tenure at Talisman, he was able to get Talisman registered with Pears FSA, He also enabled Talisman to get 1 billion British pounds in assets.

Graham Edwards Telereal has been successful at Talisman and Telereal Trillium. With his investment knowledge, he should continue to succeed in the future.


US Economic Failures and Hopes From Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar sent out tweets expressing his predictions and thoughts on the future world and US economy. There were many impeding failure discussed and some hope for the future. Shervin Pishevar is a skilled investor who has bought into companies like Uber, Slack, and Warby Parker.

One prediction on the United States front is the fall of Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar tweets about how the Valley is losing its appeal with innovative and new thinkers. Not so long ago, it had an exclusive draw to these types of people, but it will no longer be able to compete globally. Countries, such as China, are building train depots in less than a day.

The US stock market took a massive dip, which destroyed any of the gains it made in 2018. Shervin Pishevar sees all of 2017’s profits eroding next. He tweets, “February is not looking too hot.” The reason behind the fall is the giveaways in the tax system, interest rates continually going up, and credit account declines.

Big companies, which Pishevar calls unicorns, are running off a system that will eventually collapse. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Alphabet are more than massive. They all are continually searching for the next big thing, and when they find an emerging company that has got it, they buy them. Shervin Pishevar goes on to declare that these companies have powers that are statelike, but this influence will be their downfall.

Shervin Pishevar sees the future growth of many new entrepreneurship businesses because of digital currency. The money coupled with new ways of accessing funds through crowdfunding will change the face of how startup companies begin. But these little businesses may never get off the ground if the big five continually buy them out.

However, he sees some hope with projects like SpaceX. Another company he specifically mentioned was Virgin Hyperloop. Pishevar is one of the co-founders of this forward-thinking business model. These types of companies are fresh and invigorating to the United States economy, but they have to be able to make it in spite of America’s failing infrastructure.


Stream Energy Makes Meaningful Strides in Renewable Coal Mining

Stream Energy is a remarkable company that leads the way in redefining the sustainability issue in the coal industry. The company boasts of developing one of the most efficient and profitable coal mining and processing business model. For ages, many CEOs in the lucrative coal business have had to grapple with a horribly awful and deeply tainted reputation plaguing the e. Many people are of the overwhelming move that coal energy ought to be scrapped altogether, but there’s others who argue that coal is a non-negotiable issue especially considering the ever-rising global energy demand.

Streams CSR Program

The paradigm shift seen in the erstwhile sure-win coal business has ravaged the prospects of thousands of companies. It’s astonishing and impressive that companies like Steam Energy succeeded in beating all odds to keep on positing positive gains for years. How Steam Energy did it exactly, remains anyone’s best guess, but it must have something to do with concerted efforts towards building and funding an active corporate responsibility program.

Curb Carbon Emissions

Today, most people, especially the ones living in the neighborhoods and communities surrounding the places where the company carries out coal mining processes. Equally important, the Dallas, Texas-based Stream Energy sets itself apart from the mainstream coal mining establishment by using revolutionary methods. In order to extract and eventually transform the precious natural resources to highly efficient energy sources that do a lot to reduce on the overall carbon atoms emitted.

Stream Energy perfectly understands the value and essence of adapting to the changing tides in the ever-green but renewable coal industry. The modern consumer market has an insatiable appetite for new solid leads in wind and solar energy production, moving forward.

Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy broke ground on a brand new charitable foundation in the heart of one of their most thriving cosmopolitan, the Patch Community. The generous gesture by the respected energy titan teaming up with its affiliate partner, Patch planned and executed the amazing community event. The Patch Community played a pivotal role in spreading the word out on the upcoming opening of the local community project. In another demonstration of genuine altruism and a desire to go the best for the community, Stream helped raise millions of dollars in disaster rescue efforts and campaigns when the infamous Hurricane Harvey struck dozens of cities in Dallas, TX and beyond.


Kodak’s Recent Business Exploits Is Even More Reason To Avoid Them Says Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale Capital is one of the top investment companies out there today thanks to the efforts of Sahm Adrangi and his invaluable insight. On top of the services provided by Kerrisdale, Sahm’s company also issues regular reports on various companies in the market that investors should keep an eye on, whether it’s good or bad. Sahm has many accomplishments in the investment industry these days, which is why many investors seek out his advice and follow his personal investments. Sahm managed to start up Kerrisdale with less than a million dollars in assets for investing and today it has become a multi-million dollar corporation with capital in the hundreds of millions.

One of the latest reports released at Kerrisdale Capital went over the recent exploits of Kodak, a former photography company that was a leader in their particular market. Unfortunately, over the years Kodak continued to neglect their responsibilities to update their products and services. Perhaps even more important than that is Kodak has failed to improve their business methods or properly manage the company. Many investors are aware of Kodak’s recent stock price increase, but they are unaware of why this increase happened. According to Sahm Adrangi, Kodak signed up with a cryptocurrency group, and within a matter of days the company’s shares dramatically rose in value. While this might seem like an opportunity, Sahm Adrangi has stated that it is a weak attempt at regaining some lost profits by taking advantage of people and their interest in crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency is appealing and there is much that can be done with it in the future, but in its current stage, crypto is still quite unstable and often leads to uncertain results. Sahm Adrangi also notes that the companies that Kodak has gone into business with have shady backgrounds, which is never a good sign when dealing with a company, never mind investing in it. To put it bluntly, Sahm has issued a warning to all investors to stay clear of this company for now, as they are in the same boat they were in several years ago when the company started failing.