NGP VAN Interviews Yash Mori And Discusses Digital Storytelling & Immigrant Rights Movement

NGP VAN, a software provider for Democratic and progressive campaigns in the United States, interviewed Yash Mori. Mori is a digital organizer as well as video producer. He has worked on many campaigns and movements, which includes the Latino Victory Fund, Hillary for America and United We Dream.

NGP VAN asked Mori how he got started in digital organizing and he said he got active in politics after one of his friends received a deportation order. After his friend’s case, Mori made the decision to become a community organizer.

Mori told NGP VAN that someone who can relate to personal experiences makes a good storyteller. The example he gave was that he and his family were poor when they were in India, but then his family arrived in America. This is why Mori feels like he can relate to the causes he supports.

Mori believes that the right approach to take to storytelling is to actually listen to other people’s feedback. He said too many people have stopped listening to the community, both in real life and digitally. He listens to the community via both avenues.

He also spoke about the immigrant rights movement. He said that other movements can learn from it, such as being persistent. Mori pointed out that the immigrant rights movement keeps going, regardless of the number of times it has been knocked down and continues to get knocked down. He said that the movement is still here due to being persistent.

More About NGP VAN

NGP VAN is a software provider that focuses on aiding progressive and democratic campaigns as well as organizations. It develops and operates a platform that allows organizations to perform tasks such as fundraising, organizing and use social networking products. It provides organizers and campaigns with online actions, targeted email and website solutions to name a few.

Before changing its name in 2011, they were known as the Voter activation Network. The company is based in Washington DC and has been around since 2001. It also has an office in the city of Somerville Massachusetts.

The founder of the company is Mark L. Sullivan, while the CEO is Stuart Trevelyan. Other key figures include Jim George, Michelle Stephenson and John Lee.