The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Harry Harrison

In the field of finance, there are names that really stand out among the rest. Harry Harrison is one of these names that has risen to the top in the world of finance. Starting as a lead student, Harrison earned a Masters of Philosophy in Finance during his time at the University of Cambridge and a BS in Economics from the University of Warwick. His degree in philosophy of finance has allowed him to have a unique look at the markets and how they work. His 20 years at Barclays offered him a great deal of insight into what it was like to manage large amounts of money for big corporate clients.

During his 28 years in the financial industry, Harrison has developed a deep interest in how companies actually work. Ever since his time in college, he didn’t really see a place for himself professionally outside of finance. While he spent most of his time at Barclays trading derivatives, Harrison eventually wanted to have a more hands-on approach to his investing on a more personal level with the businesses with which he was working. Instead of being in charge of $110 billion worth of assets to trade at Barclays, Harrison knew it was time for him to strike out on his own and do something new.

Now that Harrison has his own business, he has been able to take a much more relaxed approach to his career. No longer is he burdened by the expectations of a large bank and their board of directors. Harrison has now adopted a much healthier work-life balance. With a very proactive mindset and action taking ability, Harrison is able to incorporate new technology into his business to take things to a whole new level. It will be very exciting to see what the next few years hold for Harrison and his business.

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Clay Hutson provides the best live shows possible

Clay Hutson understands music concerts in a way most of us don’t. He has worked in the music industry for over twenty years and became very skilled in what artists expect when they perform live.

After starting his own live entertainment production company he has settled into being the guy that well-known artists request. He has been involved with artists such as Pink, Guns‘n’Roses and Prince. He has also worked with Billy Graham in the early start of his career.

Clay started his love for live shows by taking theater design courses and slowly built up his skills by working with other companies that help put on live events throughout the states.

The sound engineer has many traits that help him within in business. These traits are what keep his company in business and artists trusting him. They are things like,

  • Being honest with clients. Clay lets them know when things won’t work or shouldn’t even be tried when it comes to shows.
  • Checking every detail until it is somewhat obsessive. Clay never assumes something is going to work, until he has been measured, examined and tried before every live show happens.
  • Never assume someone checked the props. Clay never lets an artist use a prop until he has checked it himself for safety issues. He never lets anyone tell him it’s ready and safe until he uses it and sees that it works properly.
  • Always stay some steps ahead of what is happening at that moment in a show. Clay never has idle time at any time when a live show is scheduled. There are always things to do before, during and after a show.

He has a very detailed mindset when he is working for a client on their live shows. Nothing is left to chance. Artists want and need a project manager they can trust to not only get the venue properly set up but that all safety issues are in check too. Clay Hutson believes that knowledge is what counts when it comes to running his business. Years of experience is what keeps his company in high demand.

CEO of Sothbridge Optimistic About Pot and Cryptocurrency

Recently, Stephen M. Hicks, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Southbridge Capital, a company that manages business development and plan execution, did an interview for

The interview begins with the interviewer asking Hicks about what a typical day is like for him at work. He believes that he does not have a typical day. He does do certain things to keep himself focused. He always reviews his portfolios and makes a list of what his staff and him that need to be done that day. As far as investors, he is always focusing on their investments and on new investment opportunities

The next question is about what made Hicks successful. He feels that making a list of takes every day and focusing on maximizing the investments of his company are what is important to his success.  You can visit for more info.


The interviewer then asks him about any failures that he has had in his career. He thinks that a company named Petals is one of his failures. His company had invested a lot of money in this company and it still failed. They did eventually earn the way of the financial hole that this bad investment had caused.

Hicks is asked about how he came up with Southridge idea. The idea came when the head partner of a hedge fund that he worked decided that he would return to Australia. Hicks had a year to close the company and while he was closing the old hedge fund, he decided that he would start a new hedge fund called Southridge Capital.

He gives a short answer to a question about what he feels are exciting future trends. His answer is that the exciting future trends are pot and cryptocurrency.

The last question is about what software he uses to make him more productive. He does not use any software to make him work faster. He uses sources like OTC markets, Wall Street Journal and Quotestream. For more details you can visit





Guilherme Paulus Voted Entrepreneur Of The Year

Guilherme Paulus is a very successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of a tour operation in Brazil. Today, CVC is one of the largest tour operations in Brazil. Many people in the media and business industry have taken note of his success and Guilherme Paulus was voted Entrepreneur Of The Year for his amazing success. This is one entrepreneur that believed in the Brazilian economy and decided to invest millions to show his support of the economy. For example, in the last few years Guilherme Paulus invested nearly 600 million in hotels that employ thousands of workers.

Guilherme Paulus Road To Success

Certainly, there are many that would like to know more about his background and his road to success. How did he achieve such success in the current economy? He has quite a resume. Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the board at CVC, a Latin American travel agency. He is also the president of the GJP Hotel Network, which is considered one of the major hotel groups in Brazil. Surprisingly, his first job was working as an IBM trainee. He states that working with computers was a major influence over his current career and success. He learned a lot about business. However, his ultimate goal was to join the tourism industry. He had big plans to make the tourism industry more fun and exciting in the country. Certainly, he accomplished that goal. Check this article at to learn more.

Starting His Own Company

Guilherme Paulus relates that his ultimate goal was to always get his foot in the door of the tourism and travel industry. Working with computers did not fit his ultimate goals. Starting CVC was a dream come true for him. However, every business faces some sort of crisis. He faced a crisis and almost felt like giving up. An opportunity was just around the corner that placed the company back on track and he was on the road to success once again. Paulus relates that his secret to success is to always look for the next opportunity that might be just around the corner and to find a way to stay relevant to your customers.

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Ted Bauman On Better Ways To Store Your Assets

Anyone who has assets knows it is very important to protect them. There are also plenty of options to do so and are at your disposal. One man is an financial expert specializes in teaching people how to keep their assets safe from natural disasters. If you don’t know where to start or store your assets Ted Bauman has some great recommendations.

You can store your assets in a number of places other than a bank including foreign countries. This provides unique possibilities that a standard bank cannot provide. The first option is to put your assets in a independent vault. This may sound interesting, but in fact vaults certainly have their advantages. One of them is that they have extra security and are not associated with any financial institutions. This makes it so courts and government agencies do not regulate independent vaults so they don’t have to surrender the contents of the vault. If you put your assets into a foreign vault is has even more advantages. They are not subject to IRS requirements or government regulations for that matter says Ted Bauman.

The next option is to put your assets into safe-deposit box at your bank or at a foreign bank. Now storing your assets at a safe-deposit box is surely better than keeping them at home where you are vulnerable to being robbed, or natural disasters for that matter. If you put your assets in a foreign safe-deposit box then they have more benefits then in the United States. First, they are not subject to foreign court orders or the government taking the contents of your box.

Ted Bauman does not recommend keeping your assets at home for a number of reasons. First off, you are at odds with any natural disasters like flooding, fire, and what ever else may happen. You are also at risk for your assets to be stolen. This can result in a particularly bad ending if you store all your assets together. You can lose it all, which would be quite horrible. Ted Bauman recommends to get a good lockbox or home safe if you are absolutely dead set on keeping your assets at home.

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Gregory Aziz CEO Of National Steel Car Company

President and CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz, was born on April 30, 1949 in Canada. He attended Ridley College and studied economics and continued his studies in economics at the University of Western Ontario. As his family owned a food business, Greg Aziz grew up knowing what business was; so in 1971 he joined his family to help run their business. He and his family spent over 16 years in operation and was recorded as the leading importer and distributor of fresh food.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Gregory J Aziz, also referred to as James Aziz, began diversifying his investments. His ability to invest wisely is what enabled him to save and eventually buy National Steel Car from the company, Dofasco in 1994. Aziz’s mind was goal oriented to changing his National Steel Car company from being solely Canadian to being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

Aziz did not waste any of his resources within the company. He utilized his human resources in the company and poured the capital back into it. The positive outcomes were undeniable; the National Steel Car company began making 12,000 cars per year as opposed to their previous 3,500 cars. They also opened up jobs for hundreds of people and employed between 600-3,000 people. Go Here to learn more.

Gregory J. Aziz is the driving force behind National Steel Car’s success. As acting chairman, CEO, and president, he led the company in new changes and directions. Thanks to him, the company has been in business for over 100 years and continued to manufacture and engineer quality commitments. He has given the steel company a worldwide reputation for delivering quality products. The National Steel Car is no longer just a small Canadian company. Under the leadership of natural born business man, Gregory J, Aziz, it became North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer.


The company continued to expand under his leadership as he wisely used every resource the company had to offer. Gregory J Aziz’s focus and drive for nothing less than an excellent product has given his company a reputation that has now expanded globally. Aziz followed his dreams and because of it tripled the business in the steel car industry and created a global reputation of excellence for both himself and his highly esteemed, National Steel Car company.


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Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman as a prominent entrepreneur who understands perfectly what it takes when starting up a venture. Paul Herdsman is the Co-founder and COO of NICE Global. The organization, located in Jamaica, offers strategic business solution services. The institution looks forward to helping other companies to lower their overhead costs, gain customer retention, and increase revenue. He also co-founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its Chief Operating Officer.


It is easy to determine a business that has a brighter future within the first less than four years. Paul Herdsman gained knowledge of the right strategies during his quest to be successful to have the Global company prosper in the competitive market. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed a plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


When starting up a business, you should have the following values;


  • Have a Positive Attitude

The secret to have a good life and be successful in all you do is to have positive thoughts at all time. Positive thinking opens chance for you to solve problems more comfortably, requires you to have more energy, and be a quick thinker. Always be grateful to every situation you find yourself, and you will be able to improve your positivism.


  • Learn to Take Risks

No one knows what is going to turn up when entering into a business. One has to take that step of faith and be positive about what is going to happen after that. The journey of entrepreneurship is about risk-taking, and you gather relevant information and assess the risks involved as a good entrepreneur.


  • Have an Achievable Goal

When starting a business, as an excellent business person, Paul Herdsman claims, you should be having a clear vision of what you think the venture should look like in the next like five to ten years. The right concept of your business should guide you when caught up in a difficult situation.


  • Make the Right Team

You need the right team around you to help you achieve your goals since you cannot do everything alone. The people around you can determine whether you will succeed in your business or not. Be around people who can propel your achievement by encouraging you in your time of challenge and prosperity.


  • Learn from Your Mistakes

In entrepreneurship, failing is common. Successful people in business are those who do not quit after failing but they persist. Learn from your previous mistakes to make an improvement.


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National Steel Car Is Leading More Than Just Rail Cars

There is over 100 years in engineering experience that National Steel Car company has put in in order to be named as the North American leading freight and tank manufacturer for railroad equipment. The main compound of the company is the people who keep it running smoothly. Without each person who works for the company, the company would not be what it is today. The company is diverse, dynamic and carries it’s values where ever it goes.

The business is always challenging what it is doing and for the company, they are always raising their bar and standards. They have everything that they need to be profoundly unmatched within the industry. They have an overall sense of purpose as well as staying true to their core values.

The man who is helping to keep their business afloat is Gregory James Aziz. A successful engineering firm has got to be able to embrace what changes are coming their way in a much more positive manner. The firm has to know how to use the technology in order to help them gain momentum in the engineering field.


The current CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz. He has been with the company since 1994. He has been known to his colleagues and friends as Greg Aziz or even James Aziz. He cherishes all of his employees and makes sure that they help to keep the company moving smoothly. View Related Info Here.

Before Greg Aziz started working for the National Steel Car industries, he worked primarily with his family business. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario. It was his families business that was successful in wholesale foods. They are known as the Affiliated Foods Industries. It was upon leaving them that he moved to NY to begin working with investment banking for a number of years.


It is under his direction and leadership that National Steel Car has been awarded 13 years in a row as being the leader within the steel car manufacturing industry. It has been able to hold onto this position because of the focus that has on the quality of freight cars that it produces. They make sure to never disappoint their customers by staying on task and meeting all of their deadlines. They are the only manufacturing company of the railcar industry which is ISO certified.


Gregory James Aziz also makes sure that his work does not solely end with rail car manufacturing. He also makes sure to focus on the better of the future by continuing through the innovative services and their involvement with philanthropic communities. They carry a lot of involvement with the work they do with the Ontario Food Drives and by sponsoring the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius.


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Lacey and Larkin on Arpaio Being Pardoned

The Frontera Fund has been in operation for more than a decade. The organization emerged from the darkness of Joe Arpaio to serve as a beacon of light and ake on the path towards a better future for minorities and people in need as well as the families and lives of those he prosecuted and had killed in his prison cells.

Joe Arpaio had the sheriff’s badge of the Maricopa Country for more than 25 years. He used it to prosecute people and racially profile Latinos and other immigrants, both with and without documents, both in and outside of the United States.

Arpaio went after women, disabled people, and journalists as well as the people om media. Towards the end of his reign, Joe Arpaio tried profiling and going after any citizen of the Maricopa Country who had clicked n news articles detailing his transgressions.

Veteran newspapermen Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were the ones to put an end to all that After Je Arapio reached out and demanded prate information about their readers, Lacey and Larkin refused.

They were unlawfully arrested, and after being released, the two newspapermen and life-long business partners and friends filed a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department and Joe Arpaio personally. The case was called Melendres v Arpaio and it was the ending point in his so-called career in law. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Facebook

The citizens of Maricopa Country were relieved that Joe Arpaio had finally been stopped. They were hopeful that he would be put behind bars and punished for racially profiling people, torturing inmates and innocent people alike, sexually harassing female inmates, and ordering the killings of many.

Instead, Joe Arpaio received the presidential pardon from Donald Trump before the latter had even had his inauguration day. In a public letter, Trump describes Arpaio as a hero, condoning his many crimes. That is how yet another criminal walks free, and his long lists of sins, including murder, goes unpunished by law.

Lacey Larkin and Jim Larkin were also outraged but that. The two newspapermen had been fighting against illegalities and bring light to fraudulent behavior, and companies and individuals with discriminatory and illegal behaviors since they were in university.

The battle to put Joe Arai behind bars had been about a decade-long ad after ten years Arapio was let off the hook only a week before he was supposed to be sentenced to many years in prison. All because he endorsed Trump fervently and made personal connections with him.

Lacey and Larkin refuse to let go of this fight and let criminals support each other and set each other walking the streets as free people. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stand for human rights and the First Amendment.

They have been encouraging people to speak out against such marauders and hope that with so many movements, people will start supporting equality, the First Amendment Rights, and look after each other despite the differences of race, religion, sexual orientation, and so on.

Whitney Wolfe Observes the Social Media Scene and Jumps Right In

On the dating apps frontier Whitney Wolfe-Herd is fierce, but she was not quite convinced that a dating app was something that she even wanted to make. In the beginning she had her mind set on creating a female only social network called Merci.Wolfe-Herd had already been in the dating app business, and it seemed like a direction that she did not want to go in after her stint at Tinder. It would be easy for Whitney to turn her back on dating apps after the sexual harassment that she have gone through at Tinder. No one would have blamed her for moving on and going in a different direction. Her story, however, would not be anywhere near as exciting if this Bumble CEO did not go on to expand the Bumble dating app to also include Bumble for Friends and Bumble Bizz.

Whitney Wolfe-Herd even managed to get married during all of this expansion of the company that she did not initially want to create. She has found herself to be at the top of her game, and very few people may have thought that she would inspire this type of energy about dating apps after Tinder.Whitney Wolfe-Herd has always been about creating a feminist dating app, and her initial thoughts would be to compete directly with other social media interfaces. She had some help from outside friends and business partners that would show her that she could initially tackle social media and networking, but dating would be the concept that would get the attention of millions of potential singles.

Now that she has their attention with the dating app she is well aware of all the possibilities that can be brought into the light because people know about Bumble now. Bumble would have just been another social media app that was going to be under a top 10 list that included Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She would have had to fight very hard to gain a spot at the top of this list, but Bumble is on fire with over 2 billion matches.When she tackled the dating app world in a completely different way, however, it was evident that she would have a lead on the competition in dating. Since no one was in a position where the woman was making the first move on dating apps it became evident that Whitney Wolfe-Herd was a pioneer.