Lee May – A Major Piece of the Big Red Machine

Last year the Cincinnati Reds lost “The Big Bopper of Birmingham,” Lee May. He is also known for his rookie year in Birmingham, AL which earned him “Rookie of the Year” in 1967. He leaves behind a rich history of being a part of the Big Red Machine, a term of endearment given to the Cincinnati Reds during their mid ’70’s championship seasons. May was the center piece of this franchise, their winning 70 game streak, and their first pennant win since the 1960’s.


He played amongst team mates that are famous for their own rights such as; Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, and many others. His winning swinging bat will be remembered by Reds fans all over the world. Although Lee May was traded and played the rest of his career with the Astros, Orioles and Royals; Lee himself will tell you that he is a Cincinnati Red at heart. After retiring he went on to becoming a hitting instructor for the Royals. He later returned back to Cincinnati to begin his coaching career for his home franchise.


Lee May’s astonishing career will now be a part of the Cincinnati Red’s Hall of Fame and Museum forever. His induction will not only mark his accomplishments, but solidify him as a central part of the Big Red Machine that rushed through the franchise’s pivotal winning seasons of the mid ’70’s. He will be remembered for his contribution to winning the pennant for Cincinnati which broke their losing streak. May Lee May’s bat swing forever!

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Mariners Need Big Power Boost, Look to Mark Trumbo to Get It.

The Seattle Mariners occupy a precarious space in the American League. As a team that is too good to fade completely, the Mariners are not good enough to compete with any of the other slightly above average rosters in their conference. Right now the Mariners sit at 24 – 29 and they are 3.5 games back of 2nd place in the AL West. So it makes sense that Seattle would try and make a move to fix things, and that is what happened with their acquisition of veteran slugger Mark Trumbo.

Seattle has been in a major scoring drought all season long. Outside of Nelson Cruz, who has been an MVP level slugger, nobody in Seattle is able to make contact or put the ball deep. Robinson Cano was supposed to be that complementary power in Seattle but his ability to go yard has all but disappeared and now the former All Star is just struggling to get on base. So the Mariners went out and got Mark Trumbo from the D’backs for a slew of minor players and some cash consideration.

Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that Trumbo comes to the Mariners with 9 homers and 23 RBI to his name so far this season. The 29 year old right handed slugger has had trouble getting consistent playing time in the Arizona outfield due to how many talented players they are. Hopefully slotting Trumbo in front of Cruz will make both of their lives much easier.

Braves Shut Out Giants 8 – 0

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 the Atlanta Braves defeated the San Francisco Giants 8 – 0. Atlanta starter Williams Perez earned the first win of his career. He shut out the Braves for seven innings and allowed only four hits, although he did also walk four. Perez struck out four. After his strong outing, Perez has a 2015 earned run average of 2.66 in 20 1/3 innings pitched.

Tim Lincecum took the loss for the Giants in Saturday’s matchup. He lasted only 4 1/3 innings and was hit hard. He gave up four runs on 8 hits. Lincecum struck out five and walked two. Although Lincecum falls to 5 – 3 on the season, he has had an excellent bounceback season after last year. In 2014, Lincecum posted a 4.74 earned run average in 155 2/3 innings. Although he had a winning record (12 – 9), his underlying numbers suggest he performed quite poorly.

So far this season, Lincecum has a 3.00 earned run average in 57 innings. He has struck out a total of 45 batters and walked 26. Third baseman Juan Uribe led the way on offense for the Braves. He went three for four with a home run and 2 runs batted in. Uribe also walked once and scored three runs.
Up next, the Braves and Giants will continue their series. The Braves will send Mikal Watts to the mound against the Giants left-handed pitcher and 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner.

Jesus Aguilar Stuns Announcers with Perfectly Played Hidden Ball Trick

The old hidden ball trick is something you might see in professional baseball once or twice in your entire lifetime. A perfectly executed hidden ball trick feeds a baseman the ball while a base runner is completely unaware. Jesus Aguilar pulled it off to perfection in a Triple-A game between the Cleveland Clippers and the Indianapolis Indians.

Gustav Nunez cracked the ball towards third and reached base due to a fielding error. After he arrived at first base he bent over to remove a shin guard. He didn’t know it but as he removed the guard from his leg the ball was flipped back to Aguilar covering first.

Aguilar crept up to Nunez as nonchalantly as possible. Fans at STX Entertainment know that the second Nunez took his foot off the bag at first Aguilar tagged him with his glove that held the ball. The first base umpire knew exactly what was going on and called Nunez out immediately.

The announcers in the booth weren’t as to keen to realize what had just happened. It took them an entire 16 seconds to figure out what had just occurred on the field. They were completely stunned by the play that had just unfolded right in front of their eyes.