From Hormones Treatment, Weight Loss and Exercises, Dr. Johanan Rand has the Aging Solution

The difference between young people and older people can only be defined by one word- hormones, according to Dr. Johanan Rand. With aging, the good hormones are lost gradually leaving individuals to complain constantly about insomnia, anxiety, night sweats, depression, low libido, and fatigue. Dr. Johanan Rand, together with his team at Healthy Aging Medical Centers have developed integrated and patient-specific approaches using regenerative medicine, with services such as regenerative medical treatments, weight loss programs, and anti-aging therapies.


As good hormones such as thyroid, DHEA, human growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone decrease, bad ones like cortisol and insulin increase. This leads to weight gain and its related problems later in the year.


While most physicians prescribe synthetic hormones, it proves ineffective and dangerous to patients, but Healthy Aging Medical Centers have an answer to it. By administering bio-identical hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand ensures that a person’s good hormones range higher up in the upper quartile. Bio-identical hormones as the name suggests, are chemically identical to body hormones hence are safe. The effect of a restored hormonal balance includes increased stamina and energy levels, low cholesterol levels and decreased cancer diagnosis.


Weight loss is a key area that Dr. Johanan Rand is keen on and has introduced an HCG diet program. The diet utilizes a hormone released when women get pregnant that ensures proper nourishment of the fetus. The hormone is used here to prevent deterioration of degenerative muscles when people lose weight. It further suppresses appetite reducing feelings of hunger and insulin levels. With the program, people adopt new eating habits that reset their metabolism with the low-calorie diet.


Additionally, Dr. Johanan Rand IV Nutrient Therapy caters for an individual’s major complaints by treating them. The therapy has a diet and exercise program, as well as blood tests for testing vitamins and minerals deficiency. Such blood tests suggest susceptibility to specific diseases while offering to address deficiencies related to chronic diseases.


Besides hormonal balancing, healthy diets and specific illnesses treatment, Dr. Johanan Rand has an emphasis on exercises. He recommends for routine cardiovascular activities to enhance cardiac capacity which should involve weight-training programs that decreases body fat while increasing body mass. Such practices prevent aging diseases4

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