Kamil Idris – Visionary with a Passion for Africa

Kamil Idris is a man you listen to when he talks about the future and changing economic trends. His wealth of knowledge in the field has given him a keen foresight. It is with this foresight that Kamil Idris expects a growth in Africa that would soon have the continent knock on the doors of major superpowers for a seat at the table.

Idris notes how Africa is primed for growth thanks to an abundance of natural resources and being the second most populous continent in the world behind Asia. He does, however, base his foresight on the current status of the economies of African nations to make this claim. His reasoning, research and talking points are grounded on facts, making his claim carry weight. The fact that it comes from a statesman of Kamil Idris’s stature alone makes it a claim you that’s not only undeniable, but worth paying attention to.

Kamil Idris was responsible for the growth of World Intellectual Property Day growing from an event celebrated by its founding organization to one that is being observed and celebrated by organizations around the world. Idris’s leadership of the organization for nearly a decade has been responsible for organization becoming a voice for the inventors and artists who work hard to provide the world with entertainment and technology that help solve the world’s crucial problems.


Kamil Idris was born on August 26, 1954 in Sudan. Among his many accolades, the most notable one will be his term as the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a term of eleven years. Idris has always cared deeply for the nation of Sudan and the African continent as a whole. An author of many books, Kamil Idris holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics Theories, a master’s degree for International Law and International Affairs as well as a Doctorate in International Law. He currently works for the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV).


In 2010, Kamil Idris ran as an independent candidate for the seat of the President of Sudan to give people a choice that wasn’t clouded by political ambition. His drive and determination to make Sudan a better country could be seen in the way he approached the campaign. With a man like Kamil Idris looking toward the future in Africa, the continent is primed for growth.



Invest Early, Retire Successfully: Entrepreneur Chris Linkas

Despite saving and retiring plans becoming very important, most people tend to ignore it until they are late. It is the biggest mistake that people make when it is time for saving to your golden years time. According to Chris, young people should be serious about retirement plans. It is a natural thing for the youth not to show concern regarding their eventual retirement. Even after they face many years in the workforce, they still think the time is still on their side. It has become something that young people don’t like to hear about, but the key to having a financial stability life is through early investment as soon as possible. Chris says that when one is disciplined during youth period about retirement planning, it helps to reduce the risk of impulsivity and damaging the potential decisions later. He is a 1991 graduate with a degree from Bowdoin college and works for United Kingdom investment group that is based in London which has the responsibilities of opportunistic principle investments. He explains the top reasons why one should start saving and investing very early. Using compound interest to grow your nest -The power that compound interest has, it can’t be stressed with satisfaction. This is what most people fail to realize but pays over a long period of time. When you start putting money at the early 20s you will end better of than starting at 30s.Having better life-when you do strong investment when young, will end up having a quality life throughout your life. The nest eggs still grow which will provide a cushion that will make your life flexible. Be flexible taking risks-When you wait until you are old, then you are down to the wire. They cant make risks plan because they might fall apart their retirement plans. When you start young, then you have time to risk. Start better spending habit when young-When you start spending poorly at the young stage, you will end up having financial trouble. Those people who are disciplined and diligent in investment so that they can retire when young are very careful. Always be ahead of your age mates-When inevitable about investing and still young, you will have a better position when dealing with inevitable financial hardships which might come later.

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Adam Milstein: Giving Hope to Jewish American Community

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization supports Pro-Israel institutions. Some of these include Israeli-American Council where Adam serves as the national chairman, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, The American Israel Education Foundation, Christian United for Israel, The Washington Institute, and American Jewish Committee among many others. Adam was born in Haifa, Israel. His father was a real estate developer while his mother a great homemaker. Adam Milstein joined Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 where he served even in times of Yom Kippur War.

Upon completion of his service here, he went to Israeli Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. This was in 1978. During the studies, Adam Milstein teamed up with his father to expand the real estate business in development and construction. Adam later enrolled for masters and graduated in 1983 with masters of business administration.

He received his master’s degree from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. When he finished his studies, Adam ventured into commercial real estate working as a sales agent. Adam Milstein and his family are strong philanthropists who have founded Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation that makes charitable and philanthropist services available for the target groups. They focus on building relationships and strengthening the Jewish community among others.

Adam Milstein writes and edits blogs on the Times of Israel, and one of the latest blogs captures his views on the rise of the Jews in diaspora in meeting the challenges. He recognized that the Jewish history elaborates that significant leaders are all is needed to overcome the many challenges. The challenges faced in Israel demands immediate action, and that comes from solid leadership from the Jewish people living in the diaspora.

What the Jewish American society needs at large is the ability to encourage, identify, and support for the heroes that have always been there. There is a strong need for leaders who will take care of the needs and solve the problems of the Jewish in the American community. This happens by involving them and inspiring a future generation. Adam Milstein extends his hopes in with time, and high courage leaders will come up to take ups the roles more seriously.


A Review on the Industry Confidence and Expectation Indexes in Brazil

A large percentage of Brazilian gross domestic product comes from entrepreneurial endeavors. Furthermore, confidence in entrepreneurship has increased by over two percent in the country. According to Flavio Maluf, this increase has been caused by the availability of resources for the growth of emerging startups.


The Industry Confidence Index carried out a survey on how entrepreneurs perceive the Brazilian business sector. The agency found out that there has been a 2 percent increase in entrepreneurs’ confidence in the industry. The agency also analyzed the insights of Brazilian executives, regarding entrepreneurship in the country. ICI found out that over sixty percent of the executives were confident about budding and established entrepreneurs.


Flavio Maluf noted that the Index of Expectations was higher than that of confidence. This is because consumers are hopeful that business owners will produce more cost-effective and reliable services and products in the future. As a graduate of the Fundaçao Armando Alvarez Penteado, Maluf is confident that the economy of Brazil will grow due to the increase of local entrepreneurs.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is a successful business executive and entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil. He has also been working with Eucatex Industria e Comercio since 2005 as CEO and board chairperson. His work involves formulating leadership strategies for the company that uses tree byproducts in manufacturing construction materials. Eucatex has won the hearts of many environment enthusiasts for its environmentally friendly production and reforestation activities. He handles the management of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia as the vice CEO.


Maluf also held policymaking positions in companies such as the NYC-headquartered Citibank and Sistema S.A. He attributes the success in his business career to the excellent training he acquired from FAAP. As Flavio Maluf worked for Citibank, he took a specialization course in managing people from the financial institution. He also majored in accounting for non-accountants, a specialty course offered at Peat Marwick. Maluf studied rural management and foreign principles when he was enrolled at EASP – FGV. During his stay in New York, he undertook a short course in foreign exchange principles that was offered by the famed New York University.