Bruno Fagali and Legal Prowess

Bruno Fagali is a celebrated attorney who has a position with a firm that’s named after him. He’s a trusted business lawyer who operates out of São Paulo, an enormous metropolis that’s located in the South American nation of Brazil. He works in the vibrant city at the moment. That also happens to be where he received his education. He studied at the University of São Paulo. He graduated from it, too. This legal aficionado learned all about matters that relate to state law while there. He also learned about all topics that pertained to administrative law.

Fagali has been working in the administrative law realm for many rewarding years. That’s the reason his proficiency within the sector is unrivaled right now. This hard worker has been affiliated with a broad assortment of legal practices throughout the years. He started working for them in earnest in 2006 or so. He’s currently Nova/SB’s Corporate Integrity Manager. Note, too, that he’s equipped with the aforementioned firm. That firm empowers him to practice law on his own without anyone else.

This diligent professional has a strong grasp of the value of social media networking in contemporary society. That knowledge is the thing that compelled him to set up an account on Twitter in the winter of 2017.

Fagali is a sincere attorney who has knowledge that’s in-depth, thorough and all-encompassing. He helps his clients take care of so many different topics. He knows a lot about election components. Other topics that make up a big part of his mind are corruption, public law and even compliance. He devotes a lot of time to thinking about how to battle corruption of all types. It’s a subject that’s been of great interest to him for a long while.

Fagali is certainly no stranger to working and to giving his all. He’s done so much to push himself in his vocation. He’s had internships with legal practices. He’s delved into many diverse and relevant topics as well. A couple key examples of these are both domestic violence and family law. His prowess is constantly expanding.

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Milan Kordestani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms, a company that rears poultry humanely and grows saffron organically. Milan Farms was established in early 2015 with the aim of providing customers with the product that they want. Milan was born and grew up in Stanford but moved to London in 2009 when his parents divorced. He attended several schools till he graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in 2017.

Milan has been riding horses since when he was ten years old when he was thrown off a horse by a runaway horse on the riding trail. Even after being thrown off, he got back on the horse and rode it back to the camp. Milan surprised many people because few children would ride a horse that previously mistreated them. He has competed severally in horse riding competitions and has won a number of them. In 2015, Milan won the first leg of the Triple Crown and was ranked fourth at the World Championship Horse Show. He also won the third leg of the Triple Crown during the American Royal. In 2016, he obtained his highest ranking in horse riding during the World Championships Horse Show by becoming second in his age split.

Currently, Milan Farms offers 100% organic saffron, free-range eggs, and mint. The objective of the company is to provide the customer with honest information. The customer should be provided with information on how animals were reared or plants were grown. The eggs that are sold by Milan Farms are laid by free range chickens that are fed on grass and organic feed. All items that are used in handling the chicken and the eggs are organic.

Milan Farms harvests the brightest part of the saffron flower in a bid to get the highest quality. These flowers are later dried for ten days to prevent loss of smell, flavor, and color and stored in airtight jars. They are delivered to the customers in zipping locked bags as fresh as they came from the farm. Milan Farms has innovated a new method of growing saffron different from the traditional drip irrigation method. The company has invested in a hydroponic system and is still experimenting on the salinity and mineral levels that are optimal for production of highest quality saffron.

Sheldon Lavin: taking up the reins of OSI Group

OSI Group’s excellent history spanning over 100 years starts with a German- immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, who began operating a retail meat market and small butcher shop in 1909, under the name Otto & Sons. The small business started expanding in 1955 when it became McDonald’s exclusive hamburger supplier. It established a plant in 1973 specially dedicated to serving the McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin joined the business in the 1970s and became a partner of the company operated by Otto’s two sons, in 1975 which is the year that the company also changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin steered the firm into an expansion, following McDonald’s growth, and in the 1980s, OSI Group expanded to Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, Austria, and Spain. OSI opened two more plants in the United States which helped it develop to the Philippines, China, Mexico, and Poland. By the year 2000, OSI had begun poultry business on several continents. In 2002, it entered the fresh produce market by acquiring a firm in China while growing its beef industry through an Australian acquisition. The poultry operation grew to meet the increasing demands, and in 2006, OSI Group purchased a stake in an American company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon Lavin, when he joined the business more than 40 years ago, brought with him a drive to excel along with the experience he had acquired as a banking executive and investor. He has helped the company make many strategic acquisitions and joint ventures including the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH in 2016 to give OSI more accessibility to raw meat to facilitate broadening its distribution of meat products and fresh meat all over Europe and Germany. Also in 2016, with him at the helm, OSI acquired Tyson production plant for $7.4 million, Baho Food to enable including quick snacks and deli meat in its product offering and Flagship Europe to expand to marinades, food supplies, and other products.

On 20 February 2016, India’s Vision World Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with a Global Visionary Award to recognize his accomplishments of taking OSI Group to the global scene, and for promoting worldwide job creation. Under his leadership, OSI has received many sustainability and environmental awards, and Lavin hopes that the firm’s next corporate leaders’ generation will continue to make it a priority. Sheldon Lavin is committed to the company’s and employees’ welfare, and he wants to inspire the next leaders to do the same.

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Jose Auriemo Successful Leadership at JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA, a leading real estate development Corporation dedicated to the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil.

The company was established in 1927 in Sao Paolo as a construction company by two brothers, Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo. Since then, the JHSF has grown into a renowned real estate developer. And in 2001, the firm had started its mall projects in Brazil, having helped construct the Metro Santa Cruz mall – which was the first to have an integrated subway station.

JHSF’s Market Dominance Under Jose Auriemo

Jose Auriemo Neto took up leadership at the JHSF at the age of 27 and has proved to be a determining factor in the company’s growth. He was instrumental in taking the firm to high-end luxury real-estate markets. In 2006, JHSF expanded its extensive shopping and retail development portfolio by constructing the Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paolo. Other shopping malls under its name are; Bela Vista in Salvador, Metro Tucuruv, and the Ponta Negra shopping mall in Manaus. To appreciate the growing real estate market in Brazil, JHSF is currently overseeing the construction of two more developments. In 2012, JHSF group signed a partnership with Valentino, introducing the first Valentino and R.E.D Valentino retail stores in Brazil.

Education and Career History

Mr. Auriemo Neto attended the Fundacao Armando Alvarez Penteado (FAAP), Sao Paolo where he graduated before acquiring a job at JHSF. In 1997, Neto had already shown his leadership and management skills by establishing the group’s first service department by coming up with a parking lot management division, Parkbem. Having succeeded at that, he went and secured the rights to commence the construction of the company’s first shopping center, The Santa Cruz.

Before joining JHSF, Jose Auriemo served at an executive capacity in YPO in 1999 and has since been a member of the Board of Directors.


Invest Early, Retire Successfully: Entrepreneur Chris Linkas

Despite saving and retiring plans becoming very important, most people tend to ignore it until they are late. It is the biggest mistake that people make when it is time for saving to your golden years time. According to Chris, young people should be serious about retirement plans. It is a natural thing for the youth not to show concern regarding their eventual retirement. Even after they face many years in the workforce, they still think the time is still on their side. It has become something that young people don’t like to hear about, but the key to having a financial stability life is through early investment as soon as possible. Chris says that when one is disciplined during youth period about retirement planning, it helps to reduce the risk of impulsivity and damaging the potential decisions later. He is a 1991 graduate with a degree from Bowdoin college and works for United Kingdom investment group that is based in London which has the responsibilities of opportunistic principle investments. He explains the top reasons why one should start saving and investing very early. Using compound interest to grow your nest -The power that compound interest has, it can’t be stressed with satisfaction. This is what most people fail to realize but pays over a long period of time. When you start putting money at the early 20s you will end better of than starting at 30s.Having better life-when you do strong investment when young, will end up having a quality life throughout your life. The nest eggs still grow which will provide a cushion that will make your life flexible. Be flexible taking risks-When you wait until you are old, then you are down to the wire. They cant make risks plan because they might fall apart their retirement plans. When you start young, then you have time to risk. Start better spending habit when young-When you start spending poorly at the young stage, you will end up having financial trouble. Those people who are disciplined and diligent in investment so that they can retire when young are very careful. Always be ahead of your age mates-When inevitable about investing and still young, you will have a better position when dealing with inevitable financial hardships which might come later.

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Jeff Create Pharmaceutical Company to Help the Helpless

Jeff Aronin is currently doing charitable work in the Chicago area and internationally as well working as CEO of a billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Jeff is constantly trying something new for the better of patients and those in his sphere of influence.


From getting his bachelor’s degree and MBA, Jeff went to work in the healthcare field for a while. However, it was not until meeting a child suffering from a seizure disorder that he grew the passion for helping those who have rare disorders. Jeff had the option of either putting the child through a life changing and risky surgery or attempting a new form of medication. He trusted the facts in his gut and went with the medication and because of that decision the child walked away with improved health. Jeff saw the benefits not just of treating a patient, but also helping someone who does not normally the care they need. It seems that people who have rare or unique medical cases get put on the back burner as these aren’t as heavily researched diseases. They often require more money and funding to assist the patients.


Jeff started Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company with just one goal. To combat the illnesses of patient and develop drugs. Having a goal that is so singularly focused makes it easy to know who to invest in.


Jeff has invested his money in Paragon Biosciences. Paragon has identical views in helping the unmet needs of patients with rare issues. Paragons main goal is to help start up and finance institutions and organizations that desire to help medically assist the patients in dire need. The success of Ovation Pharmaceuticals was seen when a company abroad purchased the company for 900 million dollars. Investors saw the potential of Jeff and his company.


Jeff Aronin’s only concern is to help people and the more help that he can have in his goal the easier it will be to accomplish the task. He allowed the purchase of the company but still remained the CEO to direct its operation in the course it should go. Hopefully through the work of Jeff and others more companies will see the benefit of helping those in need.

From Hormones Treatment, Weight Loss and Exercises, Dr. Johanan Rand has the Aging Solution

The difference between young people and older people can only be defined by one word- hormones, according to Dr. Johanan Rand. With aging, the good hormones are lost gradually leaving individuals to complain constantly about insomnia, anxiety, night sweats, depression, low libido, and fatigue. Dr. Johanan Rand, together with his team at Healthy Aging Medical Centers have developed integrated and patient-specific approaches using regenerative medicine, with services such as regenerative medical treatments, weight loss programs, and anti-aging therapies.


As good hormones such as thyroid, DHEA, human growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone decrease, bad ones like cortisol and insulin increase. This leads to weight gain and its related problems later in the year.


While most physicians prescribe synthetic hormones, it proves ineffective and dangerous to patients, but Healthy Aging Medical Centers have an answer to it. By administering bio-identical hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand ensures that a person’s good hormones range higher up in the upper quartile. Bio-identical hormones as the name suggests, are chemically identical to body hormones hence are safe. The effect of a restored hormonal balance includes increased stamina and energy levels, low cholesterol levels and decreased cancer diagnosis.


Weight loss is a key area that Dr. Johanan Rand is keen on and has introduced an HCG diet program. The diet utilizes a hormone released when women get pregnant that ensures proper nourishment of the fetus. The hormone is used here to prevent deterioration of degenerative muscles when people lose weight. It further suppresses appetite reducing feelings of hunger and insulin levels. With the program, people adopt new eating habits that reset their metabolism with the low-calorie diet.


Additionally, Dr. Johanan Rand IV Nutrient Therapy caters for an individual’s major complaints by treating them. The therapy has a diet and exercise program, as well as blood tests for testing vitamins and minerals deficiency. Such blood tests suggest susceptibility to specific diseases while offering to address deficiencies related to chronic diseases.


Besides hormonal balancing, healthy diets and specific illnesses treatment, Dr. Johanan Rand has an emphasis on exercises. He recommends for routine cardiovascular activities to enhance cardiac capacity which should involve weight-training programs that decreases body fat while increasing body mass. Such practices prevent aging diseases4

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Practical and Time-Proven Investment by Stansberry Research That You can Invest On

Stansberry Research is an independent and a privately held investment research organization based in Maryland. They are specialists in investment analysis providing impartial information processed by experts who come up with timely research. They have bi-monthly an monthly newsletters that feature competitive edges in different sectors and prevailing market conditions. Their financial professionals cover areas such as biotechnology, macroeconomic analysis, investment in energy industry, financial, medical technologies, value investing, short-selling and options trading.


The firm has more than two dozen researchers and analysts most of them former hedge funds managers, buy-side financial experts who serve more than 350,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries. Stansberry Research unbiased and unrelenting understanding of current and upcoming market trends and well-informed analysis has made it a reputable and highly demanded research firm in the financial sector. It was established in 1999 by Porter Stansberry as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research and serves as the editor of its flagship newsletter Stansberry Investment Advisor. He is also airing his opinions on pieces published in financial publications.


Recently, they have advised on investing in the coffee industry giving a detailed analysis of why it is a worthy investment. Though currently at low prices, the sector has seen significant leaps of up to 45% in 2015 and 92% in 2014. They have projected a similar trend this year.


Previously, Porter worked at an English financial newsletter, The Fleet Street Letter. He works with other famed analysts such as geologist Matt Badiali who edits investment publication on natural resources, energy, and metal on S&A Resource Report. For information on safe stocks, steep discounts, and good businesses, subscribers can look out for “Extreme Value” newsletter edited by Dan Ferris. In 2014, Stansberry Research published his book “World Dominating Dividend Growers: Income Streams that Never Go Down”.


Other editors include Steve Sjuggerud who is the editor and found of the firm’s “True Wealth” newsletter, who has co-authored “Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom” a book on investment plans. David Eifrig has authored two books and is the editor and contributor of “Retirement Millionaire” and “Daily Wealth ” newsletter respectively. Stansberry Research has additional offices in California, Oregon, and Florida.

Lee May – A Major Piece of the Big Red Machine

Last year the Cincinnati Reds lost “The Big Bopper of Birmingham,” Lee May. He is also known for his rookie year in Birmingham, AL which earned him “Rookie of the Year” in 1967. He leaves behind a rich history of being a part of the Big Red Machine, a term of endearment given to the Cincinnati Reds during their mid ’70’s championship seasons. May was the center piece of this franchise, their winning 70 game streak, and their first pennant win since the 1960’s.


He played amongst team mates that are famous for their own rights such as; Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, and many others. His winning swinging bat will be remembered by Reds fans all over the world. Although Lee May was traded and played the rest of his career with the Astros, Orioles and Royals; Lee himself will tell you that he is a Cincinnati Red at heart. After retiring he went on to becoming a hitting instructor for the Royals. He later returned back to Cincinnati to begin his coaching career for his home franchise.


Lee May’s astonishing career will now be a part of the Cincinnati Red’s Hall of Fame and Museum forever. His induction will not only mark his accomplishments, but solidify him as a central part of the Big Red Machine that rushed through the franchise’s pivotal winning seasons of the mid ’70’s. He will be remembered for his contribution to winning the pennant for Cincinnati which broke their losing streak. May Lee May’s bat swing forever!

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The Ultimate Components To Business Funding By Glen Wakeman

Are you a startup or an upcoming entrepreneur looking for funding of your business? Well, you should not worry anymore because your funding is almost guaranteed if you only develop some strategies offered by this business titan and expert Mr. Glen Wakeman. It is quite easy to get ideas all over the internet especially in our millennial age but not all the information can benefit you build a great foundation for your business as an entrepreneur. A whole lot of information will just enable you to have an idea of the business you want but funding the business to start propelling may be quite a task. That’s why you need someone who has trekked the path before you. And Glen Wakeman is there to help you.

Glen Wakeman has an extensive knowledge of matters to do with entrepreneurship where he has helped many get established. He has previously worked with businesses and corporations especially at General Electric where he served as COO, General Director and Director of Business development. Being in the business development division could be the reason he developed some interest in startups especially when his unit grew to expand to over 9 countries with 17,000 employees and an asset net worth of $12 billion.

After his great experiences, Glen Wakeman wanted to share his knowledge to upcoming entrepreneurs and thus launching Launchpad Holdings which is also young and using the following components to develop itself. Irrespective of the services and products a business is dealing with, the methodology and its components never changes. These are the components you need to develop strategies that will attract some funding or financing:

  1. Marketing – in this component the major question is based on “why and what”. What are you offering and why should a potential customer buy from you.
  2. Operations – You should also know how you will deliver your promised product and service. This is basically about the execution of your plan. Answer the question, “how”.
  3. Talent – you should evaluate your abilities and that of your team members. Determine whether you need another person or not.
  4. Financial – consider how much you have and how much you need to start up.
  5. Risk management – address any fatal risk before executing your plan.

Now you are ready for business.